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The Egyptian actress Houria Farghali revealed her face clearly, to show the results of the four surgeries she recently underwent in America.

Houria Farghali: My voice is no longer lighter

Farghali had hidden her face with the muzzle that she wears as a precaution to prevent Corona virus, and she also used (filters and effects) in her first image after the operation.

The effects of bruises appeared on the nose of a nymph after the operation, confirming that she had regained the senses of smell and taste again.

Farghali said in a video intervention on the evening dmc program on the dmc channel: (My voice is no longer lighter, and there are Prime Time Zone I did not imagine talking to me and asking about me, they restored my confidence in myself as a woman and as an actress)

(This artist is my voice and my back)

Houria continued: (They made me feel that I want to do better, and do more than I did, my psychological state was at the bottom and I was hoping for death, and I did not see a reason for me to live for it, but God be praise to you).

Houria Farghali indicated that a large number of artists asked about her during her illness, and she praised the role of the Egyptian artist Rania Mahmoud Yassin.

Houria said that Rania Mahmoud Yassin was (her back and voice), especially in the face of the rumors of her repeated death during her treatment journey.

Farghali also appeared in another interview with (Al-Shams) channel, during which she also revealed her face clearly.

Houria Farghali retired

Earlier, Houria Farghali revealed the truth about the news circulating about her retirement from art after returning to Egypt, and the success of her last operation on her nose.

The artist expressed her dissatisfaction with this news and said: (In one program worker on YouTube he says that I retire from art and seek forgiveness from our Lord, why, group, is I doing what a monster? Should I say this from where? With my current interruption, I mean).

Houria added in an intervention on the ET Arabic program: (I mean, I have not yet been up for 4 months of operations, okay, so I’m not saying that I’ve retired, I’m coming to Egypt and my soul is open to work and life, why do you say that?).

Houria Farghali and Michael Jackson

Regarding her analogy with the late American star Michael Jackson, Houria Farghali said: (I was upset and didn’t help it be said about me that I look like Michael Jackson and that I looked like a monster. That made me lose confidence in myself as a girl.)

Farghali continued: (Countries said about me that I did the “The Witch of the South” series, so that my form remained a monster and was afraid, and thus I was taking roles that befit me.

Excruciating pain

Houria Farghali revealed the details of her medical trip in America, and explained that in the beginning, she was supposed to undergo one operation upon her arrival, but when the treating doctor saw her case, he shocked her that she needed 4 operations.

And she continued: (Between each operation and the other 3 weeks, but the first operation was the most difficult, as it took 11 continuous hours and then I felt excruciating pain.)

Egyptian accounts have circulated pictures that monitor the moment Houria Farghali arrived at Cairo International Airport, coming from America, where she appeared with a mask to prevent the Corona virus, smiling in front of the cameras.

However, the appearance of a nymph in clothes that exposed her chest exposed her to criticism from the audience.

In the first comment after her arrival at Cairo airport, Houria thanked everyone who stood by her after her return to Cairo.

On top of whom was thanked by the artist, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, who was thanked by the Houria, who said (she was the most person who asked me for a person, not because I am an artist, and I am proud and honorable to anyone who knows Rania).

Farghali sent a message to all those who bullied her, according to what was reported by the Egyptian newspaper (Al-Watan), saying (Our Lord forgive them I did not see him), following up: (I preferred two years, I didn’t think about myself in the mirror, I forgot my appearance).

Houria Farghali had published a picture of her first appearance after she underwent several operations on her nose in a hospital in the United States of America.

And through her account on (Instagram), she published her photo and commented: (Praise be to God, until praise reaches its end), in reference to the success of the operations that she performed on her nose.

Houria Farghali had undergone many surgeries recently, including an operation to rehabilitate the position of the bones in the appropriate place so that her nose would return to its normal shape again.

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