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The Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, published pictures of a new look she implemented with her hair, before her concert tonight in Abu Dhabi with Hussein Al Jasmi, and the new look shocked her followers, as she was closer to men with this story.

And Asala Nasri appeared with her hair shaved and made a story closer to men’s haircuts, and she was wearing a white dress exposed from the chest.

Asala cut her hair and dyed it dark gold, wearing a white dress, and accompanied her with the comment: “Snaps before the Abu Dhabi party.”

Asala performed her concert on Thursday evening in Abu Dhabi as part of the Eid al-Adha celebrations in the UAE.

Asala Nasri song “We Love You”

And the Syrian star, Asala Nasri, recently released her new patriotic song, “Binhebak”, which she gave to the Prime Time Zone of El-Mahrousa Egypt, through her official YouTube channel. It is written by Abdullah Hassan, composed by Ahmed Saad, distributed by Amr Salah.

Hussein Al Jasmi and Asala Nasri concert in Abu Dhabi

The artist Hussein Al Jasmi and the artist Asala are preparing for their concert in the Emirates, as part of the activities of the celebration of the blessed Eid Al-Adha there, in light of the application of preventive measures against Corona.

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The concert is scheduled to take place in one of the famous parks in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where they will present a distinguished singing night for their fans to celebrate the Eid.

Hussein Al Jasmi’s latest songs “Hata Min Alby”

It is reported that Al Jasmi recently released the song “Heta Min Albi”, which recorded more than 7 million views on the famous video site “YouTube”, words: Ayman Bahjat Qamar, composed by: Hussein Al Jasmi, distribution: Ali Fathallah

The last albums of the star Asala Nasri were “Do not give up”, which is an album in the Gulf dialect and included 20 songs, including “Wish I Said” from the words of Badr Abdel Mohsen, composed by Reluctance, distributed by Bashar Sultan, “Ya Mostab”, written and composed by Reluctance, distributed by Khaled Ezz.

The song “I don’t know how to pronounce”, from the words of Arc, composed by Arafa, arranged by Raafat, “Rafaq” by the words of Muhammad Abu Nimah, composed by Sahem, distributed by Khaled Ezz, “Tuff Behali” from the words of Alia, composed by Arham, “The Paths of Wishes” from the words Al-Alia, composed by Yasser Bu Ali, “God and Tafarakina” from the words of Al-Alia, composed by Yasser Bu Ali.

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