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While large forces of the Israeli occupation army are still searching for the six Palestinian prisoners, who succeeded in escaping from the Israeli Gilboa prison in the Bisan area in northern occupied Palestine last Monday, the occupation authorities closed the external opening of the tunnel used by the prisoners to get out From prison with a concrete block.

Closing the hatch of the Freedom Tunnel in Gilboa Prison

And with the passage of 4 days since the escape of the six prisoners, the Israeli security services continue to search for a “tip of a thread”, leading them to them, at a time when questions and calls are increasing to investigate the escape incident, the most exciting in the history of Israeli prisons.

the odds

With the passage of days, Israeli security assessments vary between 5 possibilities, which are that the prisoners are still inside Israel, or that they intend to reach (or even have already arrived) to the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, or Gaza.

Parallel to these estimates, there are 3 possibilities for the fate of the prisoners, which are that they succeed in reaching Gaza, Jordan or Lebanon, the second is that they reach the West Bank, where they are arrested or killed, during a confrontation with them, and the third is that they try to implement a prisoner exchange that ends with their arrest or killing. .

However, Israeli media also indicated that the escaped prisoners may have been scattered into two or more groups.

Strengthening the search forces for the six prisoners

The Israeli occupation army announced the reinforcement of its forces in support of the police who are working to pursue the six prisoners who were stripped of their freedom from Gilboa prison.

According to the Arabic-speaking Israeli public broadcaster, the police force has been reinforced with three battalions of soldiers, including intelligence and technological elements that carry out combing work and search for the six prisoners.

Measures to prevent the repeated escape of prisoners from Gilboa prison

This comes as the Israeli Prisons Authority announced, today, Thursday, new measures aimed at preventing a recurrence of the “prisoner escape” process, as happened in Gilboa Prison in recent days.

According to a statement by the Prisons Authority, it was decided to transfer all prisoners from the security prisons in the northern region to the directorates of the central and southern regions, and that these prisoners will not be returned to any of the northern prisons.

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He pointed out that over the course of yesterday, about 300 prisoners of Islamic Jihad were forcibly distributed to different prisons. It was also decided to intensify the security services by tightening procedures at the level of departments, and to strengthen the guard.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the Israeli repressive forces carried out reprisals against the prisoners in the Negev and Raymond prisons. The prisoners responded by burning some rooms; They are waving an escalation and a strike in the coming days if the occupation prisons administration continues to suppress them, and try to separate the prisoners from each other, and distribute them to other prisons.

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