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Watch how the Sultanate of Oman punished activist Fadwa Salam after her insulting videos | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Omani activist Munir Al-Balushi blew a wave of widespread controversy on social media, after announcing the issuance of a court ruling to close the account of two Omani celebrities on social media.

Closing the Mashhurtain account in the Sultanate of Oman

Munir Al-Balushi said in a circulating video that Watan recorded: “A court ruling was issued in one of our courts to close two accounts. For two famous Prime Time Zone on social media. The reason, of course, is the indecent and immoral content they present.

Al-Balushi added: “In parentheses, a breach of public morals, and this indicates the integrity of the judiciary and the fairness of our judiciary in the Sultanate of Oman.”

He added: “The lesson I want to pass on to others. Adhere to your limits, cover your shame and their privacy, let it be for you, because the law is now cut.

The Omanis suggested that Munir al-Balushi was referring to his famous words on the communication sites in the Sultanate, Fadwa Salam Al-Busaidi. The hashtag # We are all with Fadawi_Salam has been published, the trend in the Sultanate.

We are all with Fadwa Salam

During it, the tweeters expressed their shock that the hashtag appeared to support Fadwa Salam, while it carries its folds. Wide praise for the closure of her account and outrage over her content.

One of the tweets read: “Iqbal drunk improper tik tok accounts because many Omanis are now being implemented. The immoral and shameful challenges of the West ”.

Zahir Al-Salihi wrote: “They told us: Do not make fools famous, but we sought to make them famous in terms of we don’t know. In trading their descending sections, when will this culture change?

Omar Al-Mandhari expressed his happiness with the news, which was not issued by official bodies, and wrote: “Praise be to God and the desire of the rest, what # we are with_fadawi_ peace.”

Omani activist Rashid Ambosaidi revealed the name of the second celebrity, who was also sentenced.

He wrote: “The ruling issued yesterday against Fadwa Salam and Maryam Al-Maashani, the ruling issued prohibits the use of all personal accounts.

Punishment in the Sultanate of Oman

The penalty is increased in the event that accounts are opened or publications are published on it from any other agency, and the judgment shall be executed after 7 days from the date of pronouncement. Of course, we are all with the ruling and against those who say # We are all with Fadwa_Salam.

Another denounced what was stated in the hashtag in terms of support, and wrote: “What # we are_with_fadwa_salam who said that we are with her. Iqbal Zakkour and his wife and Koch Timur ”.

Ahmed Al-Suri referred to the nature of the content provided by these Prime Time Zone, and wrote in his comment: “We ask God for good for all. Celebrities, of course, if they do not talk about society and their social life, and talk about something that we can benefit from.

He continued, “These are not called celebrities. All there is to it is that we find sweets, salons, food and empty words. Unfortunately, we have reached a stage where we laugh at ourselves because of these matters.”

Ahmed Al-Shukaily suggested ignoring the hashtag, and turning to another more valuable one, and wrote: “# We are all with Fadawi_Salam Leave your brats. Media and share this hashtag # OmaniMagdat.

The last opinion agreed, and he wrote: “God is sufficient for us and is the best agent for those who want corruption to spread a thought after seeing the video if you are against or with Fadwa. From now on, we want the hashtag to change from all of us, so it reverberates to # We are all on the scratchers of Islam.

Omani judiciary

Iman praised the Omani judiciary’s move against celebrity content, and wrote: “Finally, we have seen the Omani judiciary’s movement in the content of Omani celebrities.”

Mona Al-Balushi also sent a biting message to the hashtag absolute, and wrote: “Whoever settles the hashtag, write the word Fadwa, correct before # We are all with_fadawi_salam. The second thing is that her account has been closed by a court order, so I say # Judiciary Above Everyone. I hope for the coming period, the Public Prosecution shall summon any person who publishes content that violates public literature for Waan and lack of manners.

The opinion was similar to bin Abdullah, who said: “We are not # all of us with Fadawi_salam so that everyone knows that we are in a society that maintains customs and traditions.”

He continued: “We do not allow rogue sluts to spread nudity and fornication in our society and our daughters. We must stand together to cleanse the country of corruption. # We are with the Omani judiciary.”

Tweeter Bassem Ibrahim also praised the Omani judiciary and wrote: “# We are all with Fadwa_salam, and God is the one who settles the hashtag, all of you with yourself.”

He added, “The Omani judiciary is just and impossible injustice to anyone and everyone who bears the consequences of his individual actions far from emotion.”

Social networking sites in the Sultanate of Oman were abuzz with a widespread wave of anger, after a clip of Fadwa Salam Al-Busaidi circulated. They considered him indecent and offensive to the Sultanate.

Fadwa, known for stirring up controversy, always appeared in the widely circulated clip. She was dancing and swaying in a clip filmed by her mobile camera, and she uploaded it to her channel, “Snapchat”.

At that time, the clip, which activists considered an insult to the Sultanate and a violation of customs and traditions, sparked a widespread wave of anger and was met with a storm of criticism.

Fadwa Salam always raises controversy on the communication sites with her videos and sensational statements, and activists accuse her of deliberately. Raising controversy to attract attention and increase the number of followers.

Fadwa Salam Al-Busaidi also works as a model, and she also introduces herself as a social activist, posing and discussing controversial issues in the Sultanate of Oman.

Fadwa Salam has previously responded to her critics by saying that she entered this field in a modest manner.

She made sure not to violate too much customs and traditions, despite the great encouragement and support she got from her mother and her husband, as she put it.

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