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Zainab Fayyad, the daughter of the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe, celebrated her birthday, and she appeared clearly for the first time after her nose job.

Zainab Fayyad reveals her age

Zainab Fayyad shared with her followers a set of photos and videos through her official account on (Instagram), during which she documented her birthday celebration with her two daughters and friends.

From the photos and videos published by Fayyad, it was found that she is 28 years old, and she appeared while she was still putting a bandage on her nose after the operation, but that did not prevent her followers from discovering the change after the operation.

Haifa Wehbe’s daughter attached the pictures with a brief comment that read: (Queen of Cancer).

Plastic surgery or correction of deviation?

Reactions to Zainab Fayyad’s photos after plastic surgery varied, some of them saw that nothing had changed, and some said that she became more beautiful.

And in the comments: (I feel her nose has nothing to change from it), another replied: (True, because it is not a plastic surgery. It has a deviation of pace in the nose).

Another praised Fayyad’s views, and commented: (The sweet rank is without being naked and exaggerating).

While a follower noted Haifa Wehbe’s age and wrote: (If Zainab is 28 years old, yes, how old is Haifa?).

Zainab Fayyad and rhinoplasty

Zainab had posted a video to her followers after she underwent plastic surgery to modify the shape of her nose.

And she used the famous song “Aa-ay”, which celebrities use in the “Tik Tok” application to express their movement from one place to another within a second.

Zainab used the song to move from a scene while she was in the hospital after the plastic surgery to her current situation, and commented sarcastically: (This video is supposed to be done… and then they will be in the Maldives… But this happened with me at the time… Come on, the A-a-ay next, see the result and a trip with the spread of creation).

At that time, the Emirati artist Ahlam surprised her by commenting: (You don’t want a moon operation), to which Zainab replied by saying: (There is no moon after you).

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Haifa Wehbe’s daughter: It’s time for surgery

At the beginning of June, Zainab aroused the concern of her followers and fans, after she published a picture while she was on a hospital bed in Kuwait.

Haifa Wehbe’s daughter did not reveal other details about the operation, its quality and purpose, only asking for prayers from her fans and fans.

At that time, Zainab Fayyad published a photo via the (Instagram) application, revealing her willingness to enter the operating room, and commented: (The date of the operation has become your invitations).

Haifa Wehbe’s daughter confirmed in a video via the Instagram story feature that she is very enthusiastic and not afraid of the operation, and the reason is that the doctor is skilled and his style is comfortable in dealing with patients.

(Baby Haifa)

In another context, the daughter of Zainab Fayyad, the granddaughter of the youngest Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, drew attention to her because of the strong similarities between her and her grandmother, even in the tone of voice.

Zainab Fayyad, Haifa Wehbe’s daughter, posted a video of her youngest daughter, Daniela, through her official account on (Instagram).

Haifa Wehbe’s granddaughter appeared in the video, directing a kiss to her mother’s followers and wishing them a good night, and Zainab Fayyad commented: (My moon, my soul and my whole life would like to give you a good night).

The audience noted that Daniela resembles her grandmother more than her other sister, and the comments stated: (I redeemed Haifa’s beauty, which will extend generations).

Successive comments came as follows: (She looks like Haifa Wehbe), (It has something from Haifa), (A copy of Haifa), (Baby Haifa).

Another commented: (Beauty is the inheritance of three generations)

Haifa Wehbe and her daughter’s relationship

Zainab Fayyad used to appear on social media with her two daughters playing and dancing, and sang the first time for her mother the song (Tota Tota) after a lot of controversy about her relationship with her mother, Haifa Wehbe, and commented at the time: (The paragraph that you all love, the paragraph of me and Daniela, Daniela is the one who says Tota). All day long).

At that time, Zainab Fayyad raised questions from her followers about the approach of reconciliation between her and her mother.

Zainab Fayyad had previously sparked widespread controversy with her unexpected statements about her mother, Haifa Wehbe, as she praised her, stressing that she is the reason behind her popularity on social networking sites.

Zainab Fayyad confirmed at the time in press statements that everyone who follows her on (Social Media) is because of her mother, and she said: (If God loves a slave, he loves his servants in him… and his servants love my mother).

On one occasion, Zainab Fayyad was agitated by a follow-up, wishing her mother would die, so she responded harshly.

Where the follow-up wrote to Haifa Wehbe’s daughter, a comment in which he said about the explosion of the port of Beirut: (I wish she died and we got rid of her disgust for her mother), and she immediately replied to her, saying to her: (God willing, you filthy one.

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