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“Watch” Inter harden Milan again with a heavy defeat in the Milan derby | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In a fiery match lived by fans and fans of Italian football. At the top of the Italian derby for the second time, which brings together both Milan and its Inter counterpart in competitions. Cups and titles in Italian football, which ended with three clean goals without response.

It is the second time that the Milan team has received the “Devil”. As for his neighbor and opponent, he is at the top of the “Italian” calicchio. After the Inter team succeeded in eliminating the opposing team from the semi-finals of the Italian Super Cup. Two goals against one goal.

My goal is Martinez

The Argentine striker also succeeded in the Inter Milan team by scoring two goals during the meeting that brought together both giants at the top of the Italian league table “Calcio” in the 5th and 57th minutes. From the events of the meeting between the two teams.

With the Milan team trying to pressure the opponent. After receiving those goals, he approached the areas of the opponent’s net, and tried to score. But he missed several shots towards goal. To no avail. In the events of the first and second half, at the top of the twenty-fourth in the top of the Italian league.

The deadly goal of the Belgian Lukaku

The Belgian striker “Romelu Lukaku” 27 years old. In the Inter Milan team who killed the top of the Italian derby. With his opponent Milan, he scored the third goal in the summit match in the 66th minute. To end the match three clean without a response.

Inter Milan derby Milan, in front of Milan, was decided by that heavy result between the two giants. And he is alone at the top of the Italian “Calcio” League, 4 points ahead of his eternal rivals.

Inter Milan squad

Inter Milan coach “Antonio Conte” played 51 years in front of his rivals AC Milan in the starting line-up for the team, as he will be in the goalkeeper of the Slovenian team, Samir Handanovic.

In the center of the defense for the Inter Milan team, came the following: the Slovenian player Milan Shkriniar, and the Italian Alessandro Bastoni, in addition to the participation of the Dutch player Stefan de Frij.

As it came in the midfield, the Italian player Matteo Darmian, his compatriot Niccol Barrilla, the Chilean Arturo Vidal, the Italian Roberto Gagliardini, along with the Croatian player Ivan Perisic.

As for the team’s attack, both the Argentine Lautaro Martinez and the Chilean player Alexis Sanchez played. Rmelo Lukaku.

Milan assortment

The Italian team coach, Stefano Pioli, was 55 years old. On the starting lineup in the face of rivals Inter Milan. In Donnarumma’s goalkeeper.

As stated in the center of the team’s defense line, both: Theo. Romanoilli. Cayer. Besides inserting the player Calabria.

And in the midfield of the team, he plays both: Casey Tonale. Plus Repeach.

As for the Milan attack, he played both: Hakan. Salimarks. As well as the involvement of Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimo Fitch.

The Italian judiciary

The Italian judiciary in the country decided to suspend both the Swedish Sultan “Zlatan Ibrahimovic,” 39-year-old striker in the Italian Milan team, and the Belgian player, “Romelu Lukaku,” the 27-year-old Inter Milan team, to suspend both players for one match in the Italian Cup, after their quarrel in The quarter-final that gathered competitors in the current season.

The Italian judge also reduced the lightest penalty for players Romelu Lukaku and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the stars of the Italian Inter and Milan team, after the verbal bickering in the match that was held at the “San Siro” stadium last Tuesday, to stop each of the players one game in the local championship.

Where Ibrahimovic is scheduled to miss the first match of the Italian Cup match with his Milan team next season as a result of the team’s exit from the competition after losing to Inter Milan.

Ranking of the two league goals

The Portuguese Don is the top scorer in the Italian League “Calcio” Cristiano Ronaldo, the striker in Juventus, with 16 goals, equal to that of the Belgian star “Romelu Lukaku” with the same number of goals during the current season.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the Swedish star in the number of goals, is ranked third with 14 goals, despite the latter’s absence from the stadiums due to injury for two months and the recent return to competitions with the Italian team, Milan.

Italian Ciro Impoli is equal. The player is in the Lazio team with the same goals with Sultan “Zlatan Ibrahimovic”, with 14 goals. To occupy the fourth place in the ranking of the Italian “Calcio” scorers.

While it is ranked fifth. The player Luis Muriel, with the Italian team Atalanta, scored 13 goals. During the 2020-2021 league season.

Italian league standings

The Inter Milan team sits after achieving a victory over its neighbor Milan today in the top match of the 24th week of the Italian League “Calcio”, with three goals without a response. To occupy the lead with 53 points.

And competitor Milan came second in the Italian ranking, with 49 points. And a 4-point lead over Inter, after losing the derby match.

As for the third place. The Italian team, Roma, came with 43 points. Equal to his points with the Atalanta team, which will play its fiery match with the “old lady” Juventus in the Italian Cup final this weekend. To finish fourth.

With the industrious Lazio side rising in on itself this season. In fifth place with a score of 43. Equal to the previous two places.

Juventus and Napoli retreat

It also came in sixth in the Italian league, “Calcio”, former defending champion Juventus, with 42 points. One point difference. Its neighbor, Napoli, came with 40 points.

And in eighth place Sassuolo team came with 35 points. Hellas Verona came in ninth place with 34 points. One point difference from the previous position.

Sampdoria team ranked tenth, with 30 points. Within the competitions table ranking teams in the Italian Premier League.

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"Watch" Inter harden Milan again with a heavy defeat in the Milan derby | A nation is tweeting out of tune