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American wrestler John Cena, 44, surprised fans and fans last Sunday by entering the wrestling ring after Roman Rings defeated his opponent Edge.

In an exciting and crazy match between them inside the wrestling ring, within the “Money in the Bank” tournament organized by the “WWE” Freestyle Wrestling Foundation.

John Cena and debut

After the bout between Roman Rings and his counterpart Edge, American wrestler John Cena suddenly entered the ring and addressed his fans and fans, saying: “This appearance will not only be tonight,” according to the “bleacher report” sports website.

This is the first appearance of the wrestler Cena in the direct episodes of the “WWE” Championship, since his loss to his compatriot Bray Wyatt in the famous “Firefly Fun House” match in the 36th edition of WrestleMania in April last year.

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John Cena’s loss

As well as the loss of wrestler Cena in a strong match against his retired rival “The Undertaker” in the 34th WrestleMania Championship, and if the wrestler has already decided with his last appearance to return to wrestling.

He is expected to play in the famous SummerSlam tournament on August 21, where he will face his opponent, Roman Rings.

Activists circulated through social networks photos and short videos of the first appearance of wrestler John Cena after an absence, who expressed their happiness with the return of American John Cena to wrestling again.

Titles and Championships

American wrestler John Cena won many championships in freestyle wrestling, the World Heavyweight Championship 16 times and the United States Championship 5 times, the last of which was at the “night of champions” festival in 2015.

As well as winning the team championship 4 times, while in the world of cinema, he represented a group of films, including “The Marine” and “12 Rounds” (2009) (12 rounds), and he released his rap album “You Can’t Be You Can’t See Me.

It is worth noting that American wrestler John Cena is of British origin, a hip-hop player and professional wrestler registered with the World Wrestling Entertainment Company, famous as “WWE” since 2002.

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