“Watch” Kuwaiti actress Amal Al-Awadi angering Kuwaitis in a “shameless” video, in which she appeared scandalously! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Kuwaiti actress Amal Al-Awadi sparked a wave of widespread controversy on social media, due to her bold appearance recently.

Amal Al-Awadi in a shameless video

Amal Al-Awadi appeared in a video posted on “Instagram” and monitored by “Watan”, wearing a fiery red dress, very tight, with long sleeves, and very short from the bottom, which exposed her thighs in a scandalous way.

Bold Amal Al-Awadi clothes

Amal Al-Awadi’s bold clothes angered followers, who wondered whether she would be held accountable by the Kuwaiti government, as happened with the Lebanese media, Sadzel, and Kuwaiti fashionista Sarah Al-Kandari.

Claims of arrest

And the comments said: “Whoever sees herself as a commodity, such is her status. May God guide her and he does not care for us.”

And another wrote: “A little manners are imposed on her condition, Sara Al-Kandari.”

The last opinion agreed, saying: “No Kuwait left how famous they are because of their clothes, why are they not being punished yet.”

Another mentioned her that she is a Muslim, so he wrote: “Be ashamed of your face, and do not forget that you are a Muslim.”

Al-Awadi responds to the criticism

Earlier, Amal Al-Awadi responded to critics of her recent appearance with a swollen face, with a video that revealed that her features had changed dramatically from what her followers were used to, who asked her to stop resorting to plastic surgeries until she regains her natural shape.

Instead of responding to the audience, Al-Awadi went out to provoke its followers and published new clips through her personal account on the Instagram site, in its new form. And commented on her by saying: “Shu Sayer,“ By God, I want you to zoom ”, as she kept hanging and moving her hair strands, completely uninterested in the criticism directed at her.

Amal Al-Awadi reviews

Amal Al-Awadi posted some animated clips on her Snapchat account, which clearly revealed the swelling and enlargement of her face. Where many expressed their dislike for what her features had turned into, especially since she had just turned 31 and did not need repeated plastic surgeries.

Many of the tweeters cut out still clips from the moving clips of the Kuwaiti star to closely review her features after the last cosmetic she underwent recently. Her cheeks and lips were abnormally enlarged. Where many asked her to abandon plastic surgery during the coming period in order to regain the shape that her fans were accustomed to.

And the public began to notice that Amal Al-Awadhi’s features changed dramatically last July. This was when the Kuwaiti star appeared with a round face with full cheeks, a prominent chin and dark brown skin due to exposure to a sunbath during her summer vacation, which made her features change from what the audience is accustomed to. So much so that some likened her to the Saudi star Reem Abdullah.

Some believe that the Kuwaiti star has undergone cosmetic surgery recently, despite the heightened state of alert in most hospitals in Kuwait to confront the Corona virus pandemic.

FashionStat Pornography

It is worth noting that the criminal security sector in Kuwait recently launched a campaign against indecent content that is published on social media.

He was among those detained. Kuwaiti fascist Sarah Al-Kandari, who was arrested and interrogated on charges of publishing passages that were described as bold and contrary to public morals.

The Lebanese broadcaster Sazdel and the Iranian fashionista Sherine Bahman were deported. Because of their bold passages, which were described as “shamelessly”.

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