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The UAE authorities arrested the famous Iraqi artist, Saif Nabil, on charges of abusing and beating his Lebanese lover.

Wild beat

The Lebanese journalist, Elie Bassil, published the details of what happened via a video on his YouTube channel, in which he said that Saif Nabil brutally beat his lover following a dispute between them because of her extreme jealousy against him.

Elie Bassil indicated that the matter was about a week ago and that Saif Nabil cannot leave the Emirates until the trial is over, because his lover filed a lawsuit against him, which is the case.

Eli explained that Saif Nabil’s mistress underwent a medical examination and had all the evidence proving that she had been subjected to severe violence.

“Fake Romance”

No official statement was issued by Saif Nabil or his business management office.

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The audience expressed their shock at this news about Saif Nabil, especially that he is known for his romantic songs, stressing that the image he presents of himself is fake.

Saif Nabil’s behavior with his lover brought back the story of the suicide of the Iraqi singer’s wife, Jalal Al-Zein.

And Iraqi media reported at the time that the artist’s wife, Jalal Al-Zein, named Nour Kazem, shot herself with a Kalashnikov.

It turned out that the bullet hit the chest area in the body of the Iraqi artist’s wife.

Suicide or murder?

An Iraqi security source indicated at the time that the talk was about suicide, but it was not confirmed whether it was suicide or murder.

Other newspapers reported that the artist’s marriage to the girl was customary and not legal, and the weapon was seized with one empty envelope.

Activists published a video from inside the room in which the Iraqi artist’s wife committed suicide, showing the bullet penetrating the wall, and the wife’s blood on the ground.

Activists also circulated a video clip that they said shows the burning of the family of Jalal El-Zein’s wife after she committed suicide inside it by shooting herself with a Kalashnikov.

The video showed thick smoke rising from the house after setting it on fire, while the firefighting crews were trying to put out the fire.

Commentators said that the video of the house fire is old and has nothing to do with Jalal Al-Zein.

Jalal Al-Zein’s innocence

Later, the Karkh Investigation Court in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, acquitted Jalal Al-Zein of the charges against him, regarding his wife’s suicide.

Investigations did not prove the involvement of Jalal Al-Zein in the incident. A judicial source said that “the evidence was not sufficient to convict Al-Zain,” noting that “the decision will be implemented after the routine procedures are implemented.”

Her family caused her suicide

In his first appearance after his release from prison after declaring his innocence, Jalal Al-Zein said: “My wife was cut off in her relationship with her family because of their objection to our marriage.”

And Jalal Al-Zein added in a television interview on the “Visit me every year” program on the “Alsumaria” channel: “My wife used to live with me in a happy married life to the extent that she has a goal in life after our marriage, unlike what she was previously.”

Jalal continued: “The period of my acquaintance with my wife lasted two years, and I did not ask her from her family’s home, but we married with her desire because she was not a minor, and she was 26 years old.”

This is what happened the night she died

Jalal indicated that his late wife wanted on one occasion to meet her family, but they refused, especially her mother, adding: “I agreed with that interview.

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She contacted her sister to organize the meeting, but the attempts were unsuccessful, which caused her grief a few days before her suicide.

Al-Zein talked about the scenes and details of the night of his wife’s suicide, and said: “One day, I returned home at dawn, where I was rehearsing in preparation for a party, and I found her awake and crying because her family refused to meet her.”

He continued, “I calmed her and assured her that we would go together on Friday to her family’s house, and I went with my brother Bilal to get food from outside, and then I received a call from my other brother telling us that my wife committed suicide by a gunshot.”

He added: “I went home immediately, and found her covered in blood, so I took her to the hospital and breathed her last.”

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