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Watch Saudi Reem Abdullah raise a sensation with a dance compass for her husband! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Saudi actress Reem Abdullah topped the list of the most searched topics on Google, after performing a controversial dance.

Reem Abdullah dancing

Reem Abdullah appeared in the video that was part of the series “When the Moon Is Full”, dancing for her husband on one of the songs under the art of “Sheela”, and wearing a black dress.

Reem Abdullah caused widespread controversy on social media because of this scene, while some praised her dancing with great craftsmanship and harmony, others mocked her.

Reem Abdullah leads the trend

One of the comments read a sarcastic songwriter: “God prays for the young men who steal our hearts by dancing them in a series when the moon is full.

While a tweeter in the name of Sultan bin Fahd mocked the scene, and that she was dancing for her husband, he commented: “Most of the Prime Time Zone would like him to be the most envied person in 2021.”

Another suggested to Reem Abdullah to retire after the spread of her dance scene, and wrote: “If I am in the place of # Reem_Abd Allah, I will frankly retire from the whole society, what will fail by itself?”

Another asked, saying: “# Reem Abdullah, I don’t know why she and Hind Al-Qahtani always become a trend and talk for society? To this degree of aesthetic and artistic taste is non-existent in us as a society? When does our content begin to develop?

While the Saudi journalist Mohsen Al-Shehri praised the scene of Reem Abdullah and wrote: “I see you, even in your dancing, as modest, as if you were saying it is the story of a butterfly who loves life.”

He continued: “I could not separate this dramatic scene, tight in its characters and pride, which carries the ambition of the lover, who proves her strong presence like a rose decorating the mud and making it a river flowing pure water.”

He continued: “The scene, in short, the intelligence of a director and the ingenuity of an artist.”

The last opinion agreed, and he reposted the video with the comment: “What is this beauty, girl?”

Reem Abdullah exit from prison Z

The scene of Reem Abdullah’s dance came only a few days after the hashtag #Reem_Abdullah_from_Sad prison, which was also a reference to the events of the series.

And that was during the events of the 17th episode of the series “When the Moon Is Completing”, when the genie Fulwa managed to get out of Sad prison, played by the young actor Khaled Saqr.

Jumaan develops a fever and the genie Fulwa can stand by him at the same time Ghazi decides to file a complaint against Amos.

And then events unfold as the genie Nun decides to kidnap Jamaan after she fell in love with him.

But Jamaan clings to Felwa because he loves her, while Noon continues to stubbornly and defiant and suddenly disappeared in front of Jumaan to complicate matters more, after Felwa managed to intimidate Dr. Amal, the live image of her.

When the moon is over

It is worth noting that the series “When the Moon Complete” is a Saudi drama series, the first part of which was produced in 2019.

The series, consisting of 25 episodes, features an atmosphere of horror, the world of the jinn and the occult, and focuses on acts of charlatanism and sorcery, touching the jinn to humans and affecting their lives in various ways.

The events of the first part of the series revolve around the character of Jamaan, a man in his fifties who suffers from poverty and the need for that, and decides to sell his mother’s old house in the village.

When Jumaan returns home, he discovers that a family of jinn lives in it, but the genie suffers like him because of her father’s imprisonment of her, and as soon as Jumaan enters the house, she gets her freedom.

The first part focuses on the idea of ​​the jinn’s control over a person with a weak soul that is far from God and that the only remedy for this control is faith, conviction, and closeness to God.

part two

While the second part of the series “When the Moon is Completed” was produced in 2021, and it focuses on the world of the jinn and what is going on in it and what the jinn possesses of lost treasures that humans may search for, the issue of human marriage to the jinn and the form of this relationship from the lover jinn.

The series is written by writer Alaa Hamza and directed by Omar Al-Dini, and produced by artist Hassan Asiri, and starring Reem Abdullah, Faisal Al-Amiri and others.

The series is currently shown on the Shahid platform and the first part on MBC channels.

North Thunder

And Reem Abdullah had previously caused widespread controversy with a video in which she appeared during her visit to a gold shop for purchase. What suits her in preparation for an event she did not reveal.

The clip at the time showed Reem Abdullah wearing gold, covering her entire body. And it was confirmed that she had already bought a gold kit. Popular with the Saudis as North Thunder . It is a gold kit that covers the entire area of ​​her neck and even her knee. It is designed to cover the upper part of the body and extend to the foot.

Reem Abdullah appeared wearing the “Thunder of the North” kit. And she said: “Look, group, that I have seen some of you now, but say, God willing, I wear it, because I wonder how the world walks all over you, looking like a lot of what is in you .. Dress this.”

Reem Abdullah also raised controversy again after she responded to a follow-up that called on her and accused her of stealing her husband’s attention, where she wrote. Her: “May God grant you success, Sheikh. From the day you started acting and my husband admires you and every day he follows you, God willing, my Lord will burn your heart like you burned my heart.

Catch your fish

Reem Abdullah re-posted the comment and responded to it by saying: “By God, Prime Time Zone, see what my sin is. The proverb says, “Catch your tick as you wish .. Complete the rest.”

It is noteworthy that Reem Abdullah began her artistic career with the famous Saudi duo Nasser Al-Qasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan through. Her participation in the series “Tash Ma Tash”.

She also participated in the series “Al-Asouf” and has a cinematic participation through the film “Oujda”.

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