(Watch) Saudi women in military uniforms, including the niqab, at the graduation of the first batch of women in the army | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Saudi Ministry of Defense published pictures of a graduation ceremony or batch of women from the Women’s Cadre Training Center for the Armed Forces in the Kingdom.

Through its official account on Twitter, the Saudi Defense published a video clip of the graduation ceremony of the women’s batch, in which the Head of the Education and Training Authority of the Armed Forces, Major General Adel bin Muhammad Al-Balawi, participated.

Armed Saudi women

The clip showed Saudi female soldiers carrying weapons and performing military ceremonies, in their own armed forces uniform, and more than one female soldier appeared wearing the niqab with the military uniform.

Al-Balawi delivered a speech in which he stressed that “the center aims to provide distinguished training services for female employees in the Ministry of Defense efficiently and professionally in the functional areas that the ministry needs,” according to the official news agency “SPA.”

Al-Balawi added: “The center has an important mission, which is to provide distinguished training programs and curricula and an ideal educational environment in accordance with international quality standards that meet the needs of the armed forces of female cadres with the aim of achieving better performance that helps achieve the ministry’s goals in the future.”

The course began on May 30, at the Women’s Cadre Training Center for the Armed Forces, and lasted 14 weeks.

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For years, the Kingdom has witnessed many changes, including abandoning official laws and customs that were adopted for decades, most notably allowing women to drive, entering football stadiums, and allowing them to practice professions that were the preserve of men.

Opening up in the era of Ibn Salman

For years, Saudi society has been experiencing an accelerated social openness, which has angered a large segment of conservatives because of what is happening of loud parties, mixing and leniency in women’s clothes, and even allowing them to smoke in public, which they believe is not permissible in the countries of the Two Holy Mosques.

Women were also allowed to drive cars, enter football stadiums, cinemas reopened and noisy concerts were allowed, and there was a disregard for keeping stores open during prayer times, after the role of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, which was a religious police in the city, was reduced. country.

In his attempt to change the kingdom, Mohammed bin Salman, since assuming the mandate of the Crown Prince, in June 2017, imposed a new and unprecedented situation in his country’s society. It was embodied in a tremendous openness in the fields of music, singing and women, while on the other hand, the voices rejecting this openness were restricted.

Bin Salman supported a series of decisions to abandon a number of official laws and customs that the country has adopted for decades, most notably allowing women to drive, as well as entering football stadiums, as well as setting up a fashion show and opening cinemas.

This is part of the alleged social and economic reforms carried out by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as part of plans to modernize the conservative kingdom and attract foreign investment as part of efforts to diversify economic resources.

Under his reform plan, known as Vision 2030, the crown prince lifted a ban on women driving.

It also allowed adult women to travel without a guardian’s permission and gave them more control over family matters.

However, this reform plan coincided with a crackdown on opponents, including women’s rights activists.

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