“Watch” Suzanne Najmuddin collapses after seeing her children whom Trump has deprived of her A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Syrian artist Suzan Najmuddin documented the moment she met her children after a five-year separation, due to the decision of the outgoing US President Donald Trump.

Najmuddin screaming and its collapse

Suzan Najm El Din published the video that “Watan” monitored through her account on “Instagram”, during which she appeared standing at Cairo International Airport waiting for the arrival of her children, and she seemed very tense, and as soon as they appeared one by one, she started screaming, crying and collapsing.

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Najmuddin commented on the video saying: “Five years of injustice, sadness, loneliness and longing, five years in which the dream grew up, five years in which the dream grew and the pain grew, five years the young became old, five years I counted the days, hours, minutes and seconds waiting Is the moment ”.

And she continued: “A forced separation has passed, but those moments squandered everything, and restored the balance of life to normal. Here I embrace my heart, while Trump’s unjust reign ended with humiliation and humiliation, to turn magic on the magician.”

Susan Najmuddin separates from her husband

Najmuddin had separated from her husband due to their different political orientations during the Syrian revolution, and he immigrated with their four children to America, and she had not seen them for more than five years, due to Donald Trump’s decision to stop granting entry visas to Syrians.

Suzan Najmuddin stated more than once that she and her husband separated, but no divorce took place between them.

Her husband, Siraj al-Din al-Atassi, passed away months ago

Najm al-Din announced the death of her husband, Siraj al-Din al-Atassi months ago, and at that time published a picture of her with him on her official account on the “Twitter” website, and said goodbye to him, saying: “What is the most difficult loss when it is force and twice … Once we are overcome by circumstances in this world and we are separated … and once fate prevails … To separate us ”.

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