“Watch” the death of Fifi Abdo after an accidental nerve injection that ignites Egypt. What is the story? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Egyptian dancer Fifi Abdo revealed the developments in her health, after the rumors of death haunted her again, especially since she did not repeat her audience on the New Year as usual.

The death of Fifi Abdo

Fifi Abdo appeared in a video posted on “Instagram” and monitored by “Watan”, which began by sending a message to her fans on the occasion of the New Year, while she was on her bed with a strange appearance, and she wore a hat that completely covers her hair, without any cosmetics.

Fifi Abdo disease

Then Fifi Abdo reassured her audience about her health, saying: “I am fine, praise be to God, and all there is to it is that I took a wrong injection and touched the nerve, and now doctors are working to restore my sensation to the nerve.”

Fifi Abdo indicated that she is sad and is in a state of depression due to the Corona virus crisis that struck her friends in the artistic community and caused her sadness that made her reluctance to appear on social media.

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Abdo had previously confirmed that her health had improved again, after it had deteriorated recently, adding in an interview with the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan” that the love of the public “was her support in that ordeal.”

Fifi Abdo: I was envious

Abdo said during the meeting: “My health has greatly improved, and I am still in the recovery period, and I undergo physical therapy on a daily basis, as doctors prescribed to me, in addition to continuous exercise, whether swimming or otherwise.”

And she continued: “The calls of the public and my friends from the artistic community and their love reached me during my illness,” noting that envy is the reason for her illness during the recent period.

Physiotherapy sessions

Fifi Abdo recently appeared while undergoing a physiotherapy session with the doctor treating her. She posted it on her official Facebook page: “Oh good evening, jasmine from Egypt, the mother of the world. I would like to show you if I am good and at home.”

The doctor reassured her audience about her health condition, saying, “O group, be assured of Madam Fofa, and God willing, we will return better than the first, and you will return again and be happy with her and thrill the world.”

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