Watch the Emirati Minister of Tolerance raise controversy with the latest appearance after the harassment scandal | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Emirati Minister of Tolerance Nahyan bin Mubarak appeared controversially on social media, by filming a video of himself driving a helicopter in the sky.

The Emirati minister, accused of a major harassment scandal against a British employee, appeared in the past months while on the plane. And in the background of the clip is the melodies of a song by Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi.

The account “Sheikh Manahi” via Twitter, published the clip through his personal account, commenting on it with the title “Minister of Harassment.”

The last months of the past year 2020 witnessed an expansion of the scandal of the UAE Minister of Tolerance, which was revealed and became a conversation. International newspapers and means of communication.

In this context, the French newspaper “Le Monde” reported new details about the sexual assault that a British citizen was subjected to. By the Emirati Minister of Tolerance, “Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan”.

Under the heading “Accusations of sexual assault march at a literary festival in Abu Dhabi,” the newspaper described the incident as a “small bomb” that caused it. Inevitably, in some tremors in the palaces of the Gulf.

The French newspaper added that “Caitlin McNamara” (32 years), was working on organizing the “Hi-Abu Dhabi” festival, which is based on the festival. British Council “Hi”.

This is part of the authoritarian regime’s efforts to portray itself as an enlightened regime, according to the term “Le Monde”.

Dinner invitation

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 10 days before the festival opens, McNamara was invited to dinner. Which she thought was a work meal similar to the meetings she had already attended with this high-profile Emirati figure.

However, the expatriate young woman was soon surprised that she was transferred to a private island that houses the villa of the 69-year-old Emirati Minister of Tolerance.

Where she found herself face to face with him, to offer her wine and a watch filled with gold and diamonds.

She added, “It was terrible, the sheikh was on the sofa next to me and started touching my arms and legs.”

He continued: “I moved away, but he followed me, grabbed my face and started kissing me. I told him that I was engaged. I tried to take advantage of his short absence in an attempt to escape. From the island, but to no avail. ”

Then the young woman could free herself and return to her hotel, and the next day, she left for Dubai, where she informed the British Consulate of what had happened.

Then the employee who received her advised her not to file a complaint locally in the face of a personal like Sheikh “Nahyan”.

The Emirati Minister of Tolerance called her the next day, more than 14 times, in an attempt to bore down the situation and the scandal he had inflicted on himself.

The director of the festival, “Caroline Michel,” described the incident as “an abuse of confidence and a despicable position.”

Stressing that the festival will not return to Abu Dhabi as long as Sheikh “Nahyan” remains in his position.

Case developments

About a week after the incident, the management of the British Cultural Hay Festival made a decision to suspend the work of its director and co-founder, Peter Florence. A week after accusations against a former employee of sexual assault against Nahyan bin Mubarak, a member of the ruling family in Abu Dhabi, with the rank of minister.

The British newspaper “Sunday Times” said that the crisis was exacerbated at the festival after the details of the attack were revealed.

Noting that the suspension of membership of festival director Peter Florence on charges of bullying employees comes at a time when the festival is witnessing its worst crisis.

The Ministry of Tolerance had committed to the cost of the festival and McNamara’s salary. Nahayan denied any wrongdoing on his part.

He also expressed “astonishment and sorrow” at what he described as the allegations against him.

McNamara was in contact with Florence on the night of the alleged accident, urging her to leave Abu Dhabi for her safety.

British police investigators met her after she returned to Britain to reveal her full story and cause a loud scandal for the UAE and its Minister of Tolerance.

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