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The Egyptian actress, Nihal Anbar, suffered a terrible accident while performing her role in the play (Al-Madaq Alley), in Alexandria.

A piece of decor fell on her head

Where a piece of decoration fell on Nihal Anbar’s head, and she was taken to the hospital for first aid and to check on her health condition, when it turned out that she had suffered a concussion.

And the director of the play, Adel Abdo, published a picture through his personal account on Facebook of Nihal Anbar while she was on the hospital bed, and the captain of the actors, Dr. Ashraf Zaki, and the artist Mohsen Mohieldin, in addition to Adel himself, appeared next to her.

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And Adel Abdo wrote in his comment on the photo: (Pray for the great artist Nihal Anbar to recover, as she was injured in the theater while performing her role in the theatrical performance (Al-Madaq Alley).

And he continued: (A piece of decoration fell on her head, which led to her injury and a concussion in the head, and she is now in El Alamein Hospital, under observation, please, I pray for her a speedy recovery).

And the artist’s account republished the same picture, attached to a comment: (Pray for the artist, Nihal, A speedy recovery from a concussion
A thousand million peace be upon you, our beautiful artist, may God heal you and forgive you.

Ashraf Zaki reveals the case of Nihal Anbar

In turn, Ashraf Zaki revealed the latest developments in the health of Nihal Anbar, and said in press statements to local media, that she “had a slight concussion in the brain, and she is in good health, and there are no complications.”

Zaki indicated that the artist, Nihal, will return to the theater tomorrow, as she will leave the hospital tomorrow morning.

Subsequently, Nihal Anbar reassured her fans of her health through press statements, and said: (Praise be to God, I am good at Batmanko, and in my republican belly, call me out of the hospital, and God willing, I will remain like the elephant).

Nihal: Go back to the play

And the artist continued: (I just messed up in my brain, and I fainted, and I had a concussion as a result of the blow, but thank God I stayed better, and I was in the hospital to be sure, that there are no complications).

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Nihal confirmed that the hospital has taken all necessary measures for the case, and she is supposed to be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

And Nihal Anbar continued: (God willing, the first time I am well, I will return to the play of Al-Madaq Alley again).

Mashhad Amber sapling dance

In another context, the Egyptian media, Bossi Shalaby, published a video of the scenes of the play (Al-Madaq Alley) a few days ago, through her personal account on (Instagram).

Nihal Anbar appears in the video in a dance scene, and Bossi Shalaby commented on it sarcastically: (This is the deviation of Nihal Anbar, and you made a reasonable Aqila Ratib dance, group).

The play, starring Nihal Anbar, Donia Abdel Aziz, Mohsen Mohieldin and a large number of artists, will be shown in the coming days.

The artist, Donia Abdel Aziz, presents the role of Hamida, the heroine of the novel Al-Madaq Alley, written by the international writer Naguib Mahfouz, and the artist Nihal plays the role of Umm Hamida.

(Al Midaq Alley)

And (Al-Madaq Alley) is a novel written by the international writer Naguib Mahfouz and presented as a movie directed by director Hassan Al-Imam and starring the late artist Shadia.

Nihal Anbar had previously talked about her role in the play (Al-Madaq Alley), and said that she refused to see her character in the film or his novel during this period, adding: (I am sick to see him again, I have seen him a lot, but this period I did not see him, I said I do not want to be afraid personal in my own way).

For his part, Adel Abdo, the director of the play, said that the actors will perform performance movements, each according to his character.

And he continued, in an interview with the “Ten Nights” program, broadcast on the “ten” channel, and presented by the media, Bossi Shalaby: “All the actors on the stage perform a show. dramatic).

(I opened a restaurant for me and my son)

In the same meeting, Nihal Anbar revealed that she went to self-employment and opened her own restaurant, commenting: (I said I try, the restaurant worked for me and Hossam my son, but I am the one who starts working in it, because I am a kitchen teacher, and I do all the food, but the sweet is not in it) .

The Egyptian artist indicated that she decided to change the chef in her restaurant, saying: (I found the first chef, Al-Testi, with him. I don’t like it, and I understand. The food is cooked in the restaurant with my own fat.

And she continued: (I told them, in the next period, that I can choose one day of the month, make a delicious idea, and stand in the kitchen and cook in it).

It is worth noting that Nihal Anbar (60 years old) lived for a period of her life in America with her family, and returned to Egypt to study at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels. Nihal married an organist, Majdi Al-Husseini, and then separated from him after she gave birth to their son, “Hossam”.

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