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German websites specializing in aviation affairs blew up a surprise that a huge Boeing 747-8I plane, which was intended for the German company, Lufthansa, was recently sold to an important Egyptian figure, while the Egyptian politician and human rights defender, Osama Rushdi, confirmed that whoever bought the plane He is Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, with a value of 430 million dollars, in addition to the expenses of re-equipping it as a flying palace, to include it in his fleet of luxury planes.

Rushdie explained that Sisi had purchased 4 luxury presidential planes from the French company, Dassault, a 350 Falcon-7x model, at a value of 300 million euros, and the maintenance of one of them annually costs more than one million euros.

He added that only months ago, Sisi purchased an infrared defense device from America, manufactured by the Grumman Northrup company, to protect his Airbus A340 presidential plane, which Mubarak had bought and used by Sisi on his long flights.

According to a report by the German “Flug Revue” website, which specializes in all aviation issues, Lufthansa had once ordered 20 Boeing 747-8I aircraft from Boeing.

The company operated 19 of them, and the jumbo jet that Boeing used in the test program remained and was left in the desert for years. The site added that the plane is now waiting for a new profession: “a jet plane for the great Egyptian personalities.”

The website said that the plane’s paint bears the basic “Lufthansa” colors, and reveals that this plane was once the 20th Boeing 747-8I.

However, Lufthansa later withdrew from the order, because Boeing included the aircraft in more extensive flight tests than was agreed in the contract.

In addition, the site says, according to a translation of Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, that several technical changes could have distinguished this 747-8 aircraft as strange compared to its 19 sisters from the LH series that were made later.

The website adds that the plane that Lufthansa ordered and did not receive did not receive the intended registration number, D-ABYE.

Instead, the rejected test plane with MSN 37826 and serial number 1435 served as a corpse for years, spending most of its life in various airfields in the USA.

The plane began its journey on May 21, 2015 with a flight of approximately two and a half hours to Pinal Air Park in Marana, Arizona.

But in the summer of 2021, the jumbo jet finally came back to life. There were already signs in the spring that Boeing could revitalize the aircraft, as its February order overview included, among other things, a version of the 747-8 in the passenger version for an undisclosed customer.

He added, “At the beginning of July, technicians in Victorville started operating the machine systems for the first time in years. Six weeks later, on August 21, MSN 37826 finally moved onto the runway, took off and took a direct route to Boeing Airport in Everett, two hours away.

Dedicated to the Presidency of the Republic in Egypt

From there, a new photo of the 747, previously registered as the N828BA, shows the plane on Everett yard, but with a new registration: SU-EGY. This fuels speculation that the Lufthansa plane could soon start a new mission as a plane for the Egyptian government, because the SU is the symbol of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the site indicated that the plane could be dedicated to the presidency.

The site said that the Egyptian government’s planes “are in dire need of renewal, and so far Egypt uses the Airbus A340-200 as a presidential plane – SU-GGG, which was built in 1995.”

“Technically speaking, SU-EGY is still very young, especially since Boeing modified and modernized the jumbo chassis quite difficult by 2015.”

Therefore, it is very likely that the 747-8I, which was rejected by Lufthansa, will soon return to the skies as the big mega plane for the President of Egypt, and MSN Flight 37826 will take a happy turn in the end.

Queen of Heaven

The pilot, Adham Hassan, said, in a post on his Facebook page, that the cost of the plane amounts to about half a billion dollars and is known as the “Queen of the Sky” and is considered a “luxury flying city.”

Hassan added: “This is a very wrong and bad decision, and its cost is unacceptable for a poor and indebted country of Zina. The airlines of the world have suspended them from service because it is not feasible to operate them on commercial flights… Let alone operate them to transport a government employee without any return… But is it an appropriate need for the new capital and the palace? the new”.

4 Falcon X7 aircraft

In 2016, the French newspaper “La Tribune” revealed that the Egyptian government had signed a contract with the French company Dassault to purchase 4 luxury Falcon X7 aircraft, to be used in the transportation of government officials.

La Tribune explained that the deal amounted to 300 million euros, equivalent to about 4 billion Egyptian pounds, in exchange for 4 luxury planes, which are also added to the fleet of luxury presidential planes, which number up to 24 “Gulfstream” and “Gulfstream” planes. Dassault Falcon”.

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And two “Station” rapid-ambulance planes, and seven “Black Hawk” helicopters, in addition to the “Airbus A320-200” presidential plane, in addition to the warplanes of the armed forces that are attached to the presidential squadron for service work, according to what was published by the media. Egyptian media in August of 2012.

Egypt had purchased 4 luxury civilian Falcon 7X aircraft from the French company Dassault Aviation, with a total value of 300 million euros, in addition to the purchase by the Sisi system of an infrared defense device a few months ago, manufactured by the “Grumman Northrop” company. The United States, to protect his Airbus A340, which was purchased by the late ousted President Hosni Mubarak, and which Sisi is currently using on his long flights.

Sisi: “We are very poor.”

At a time when the Egyptian President and his loyal media arms are calling on the simple Egyptians to need austerity in spending, due to the negative economic repercussions resulting from the crisis of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic; In turn, Sisi expands borrowing from abroad to finance the construction of luxury buildings and new presidential palaces, whether in the administrative capital or in the city of El Alamein on the Mediterranean.

Official figures issued by the Central Bank of Egypt indicate that Egypt’s external debt rose to about 134.8 billion dollars at the end of last March, compared to 129.1 billion dollars in December 2020, an increase of 5.64 billion dollars.

With this rise, the rate of increase in the country’s foreign debt amounted to about 21% in just one year, which amounted to about $123.5 billion in March 2020.

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