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Watch the Jordanian Ahmad Abu Sneinah reward for his job does not occur to anyone | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Social networking sites in Jordan have caught on, with pictures and videos documenting the moment a Jordanian businessman named Ahmed Abu Sneina was rewarded for his employees with pieces of pure gold jewelry.

The photos and videos show Abu Sneina inviting employees to the company’s meeting room.

Then Ahmed Abu Sneina asked them, in turn, to place their hands on a piece of cloth stretched out over the table, so that they could get what she was hiding.

The clip documented reactions varying between disbelief, silence and euphoria.

Bracelets, chains and rings

And after they got complete sets, bracelets, chains, rings, and more.

One of the employees stated that she was giving the reward to her mother.

An employee hurried to present the piece to his wife, who works with him in the same place.

Abu Sneina, who had previously gifted some of his employees with modern mobile phones, confirmed that he did so, to encourage giving and add an atmosphere of partnership in good times and bad.

Especially after the repercussions of “Corona” and his interest in obtaining due incentives based on the idea of ​​”positive shock.”

The manager, whose move had garnered wide interaction, talked about the company’s success in opening branches in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Palestine.

As well as achieving a brand and distinguished results, and this calls for granting remunerative rewards to those with competencies. According to his description.

In a post on his Facebook page, commenting on the matter, Abu Sneineh said: “Today was one of the best days of work in the e-marketing company that he runs.

He added: “When I see the joy on the faces of the employees after gifting them iPhones, they deserve more than it. One of the things I learned in managing a successful business is participation. ”

Abu Sneina continued: “The business owner who makes a profit alone, but can achieve success in the short term, but those who share his success with his employees last for a longer period, because they have become partners in the work.”

“Russia Today” channel also conducted an interview with Ahmed Abu Sneineh, after the big uproar he made with his idea.

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