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A Jordanian girl was abused by her family, but in a different way, as her father injected her with male hormones until she developed cancer.

Heavy bleeding revealed the truth

The transgender (Noor) or (Jaafar) was born with male genitalia, and at the age of 13 she suffered from severe bleeding, after which she was taken to the hospital, as she says in an interview with the German channel DW.

After conducting the tests, it was found that Jaafar, 22, is a girl, not a male, and he has a uterus and ovaries, and suffers from internal sexual deformities.

Nour’s family rejected her new reality, and the first phrase her father said to her was (Gabtili shame), and he began to abuse her and expose her to large amounts of male hormones, which later led to her contracting colon cancer.

(My brothers prove me against my will)

She said, “He used to make my brothers fix me and inject me with male hormones. He wanted me to stay young.”

Nour extracted a statement from Dar al-Ifta that she was a female, and the doctor stopped her male hormones and started injecting her with female hormones so that her body responded quickly.

However, Nour’s family continued to reject and abuse her until it came to expelling her from the family home. Nour became alone and homeless, and wandered on her face in search of safety, until she met someone who tried to convince her that he would help her.

sexual assault

Nour says: (I went with this person to his house, but what I thought was a savior turned in a few minutes into a real danger threatening my life, after he sexually assaulted me at gunpoint).

The next day, the major crimes arrested the man who had sexually assaulted Nour, but she needed psychological treatment after the incident.

Nour confirmed in her speech that she still faces rejection from society, whether she appears as a young man or a girl, despite obtaining medical and legal reports confirming that she was born with internal sexual deformities.

sex correction surgery

Some human rights organizations in Jordan have assisted Nour in providing housing and food, especially as she faces another kind of social rejection. Every time she tries to apply for any job or job, she is rejected.

Nour adds: (This aid is not enough, because I need sex correction surgeries, which are not available in Jordan and cost exorbitant sums that I cannot afford in the circumstances I live in).

Nour wondered: (What should I do to please society, I tried a lot and my attempts ended in cancer to stay alone in an unforgiving society).

She concluded: (I want to live with dignity, I did not create myself in this state).

Nour has finished the hormonal treatment and only the surgery remains to completely correct the organs and sex.

What does transgender mean?

The socially defined gender identity of a transgender person differs from the gender documented on their original birth certificate. When we are born, the gender is recorded as male or female, based on physiological characteristics.

But some are born with chromosomal or other physiological differences that can make sex determination a complex issue, and they are referred to as intersex.

Gender is based on behavior, expectations, and outward appearance that are usually seen as corresponding to a person’s gender, as well as on a transgender’s self-perception and how they see and describe themselves to the world.

Many transgender Prime Time Zone live according to their gender identities, dress and present themselves to the world in line with their gender identity and choose names for themselves.

Some of them decide to resort to physical changes to match their gender identity. This includes taking hormonal drugs and undergoing medical treatment to change the pitch of the voice. These social, physiological and legal changes are called sexual transit.

The LGBT community in Jordan

It is worth noting that in 2014, the Court of Cassation in Jordan, the highest court in Jordan, allowed a transgender woman to change her legal name and gender to female after she submitted medical reports from Australia.

The head of the Jordanian Civil Status and Passports Department stated at the time that two to three cases of gender change reach the department annually, all of which are based on medical reports and court orders.

In April 2018, the Jordanian Parliament passed the Advanced Medical Liability Law that defines “sex change” and “re-waiver of sex,” making the former illegal and punishable with a fine and imprisonment for any doctor who performs what the Parliament’s Health Committee described as “sex change” It changes the sex of a person who has chromosomes, reproductive organs and secondary characteristics of one sex.

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