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The latest appearance of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sparked widespread controversy regarding his health, as it was noticeable that there was a medical sticker on his head from the back.

These photos of leader Kim Jong Un were released by North Korean state television last week.

Kim Jong-un has a scar on the back of his head

The pictures showed Kim Jong-un, with a scar on the back of his head, which sparked beliefs that he suffers from health problems.

The talk is especially about Kim Jong Un’s attendance at the official events that took place between July 24 and 27.

For its part, the South Korean intelligence rejected the validity of these beliefs, according to the “Novosti” agency.

She said, “The scar disappeared after several days (which is not present at the events Kim attended last July 29) and there was no scar.”

And she added, “Judging by the easy gait and the shots in which he bends deeply during the salutation, there are no signs of any health problems.”

Banding the stomach of the leader

Activists circulated recent and old photos of Kim Jong Un in late July, and compared them to his appearance before and after he underwent a gastric banding operation.

Recently, Korean media reports indicated that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un lost nearly twenty kilograms of weight.

And according to a report by the “North Korean News” website 3 weeks ago, the South Korean intelligence confirmed that Kim Jong Un had lost about 20 kilograms of his weight, after he followed a diet at the request of doctors, due to health concerns for his life resulting from the extra weight.

According to the report, which was reported by the British newspaper “Mirror” at the time, the North Korean leader was keen to be in a secret resort to raise his physical fitness in addition to reducing his weight.

North Korean leader’s favorite foods

Kim was known for his love of high-calorie foods, such as Swiss cheese, as well as eating a lot of “caviar” and wine, as well as smoking heavily.

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Observers believe that Kim’s keenness to reduce his weight is not due to his concern for his health, but rather to “establish the ideal image of the North Korean leader for his Prime Time Zone, as a great leader who starves like his Prime Time Zone, in light of the food crisis that afflicts the country, and that he shares the same suffering with them.”

Others also believe that this weight loss, and his appearance with this “skinny” look, falls within the messages directed to the Prime Time Zone, that the leader “works for you, even sometimes missing meals, due to his great preoccupation with the issues of the homeland.”

Kim Jong-un’s sister warns Seoul

In another context, two days ago, Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the North Korean leader, said that if South Korea conducted a planned joint military exercise with the United States, it would harm the two Koreas’ resolve to rebuild relations.

According to the official Korean Central News Agency, Kim Yo Jong also pointed out that the recent decision to restore inter-Korean hotlines should not be seen as more than a reconnection of “physical” relations, and that it would be “ill-considered” assuming that the summits are about to happen. .

Her comments come at a time when North and South Korea are in talks to hold a summit as part of efforts to restore relations.

Washington and Seoul are scheduled to hold a joint military exercise later in August.

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“Our government and military will closely monitor whether the South Koreans continue aggressive war exercises or make a bold decision,” Kim Yo-jong said. “Hope or despair?” The decision is not up to us.”

On Tuesday, the two Koreas reconnected the hotlines that North Korea cut off in June of last year.

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