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The Egyptian artist, Houria Farghaly, published a new photo, in her latest appearance, through her Instagram account, and sparked mixed comments among the audience.

The artist, Houria Farghali, appeared in the photo, wearing a white jacket and pants.

Houria Farghali

Commentators: Horeya Farghaly looks like Michael Jackson!

Some followers likened the artist, Houria Farghali, to the international superstar Michael Jackson, one of the most famous pop stars.

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

One of the commentators wrote: “You remained pure Michael Jackson,” and a second said: “Michael Jackson with his nostrils,” while a third commented: “Your first look was the sweetest, why did you do this in yourself?”

This is not the first time that the audience has compared Horeya Farghali to the star Michael Jackson, but she previously responded by saying: (I was very upset and it was not useful to say that I look like Michael Jackson and that I look like a monster, so let me lose confidence in myself as a girl).

And Farghali continued: (States said about me that I did the series “The Witch of the South,” because my appearance remained a monster and fearful, and therefore I took roles worthy of me, God suffices me.

Houria Farghali

And Houria Farghali sparked controversy among her followers after she published a picture with a model of a pharaonic statue next to her, and wrote in the comment what was written (the lover pharaoh is ready to celebrate).

Houria’s comment raised questions among her audience, some of whom suggested that she meant a new work of art through which she would return after a long absence to art, and some of them saw that it was just a comment.

Most of Houria Farghali’s followers praised her new look and shape after a series of plastic surgeries on her nose.


Houria Farghaly adopts two children

Earlier, Houria revealed that she had adopted two children with special needs, especially after she was deprived of childbearing due to a uterine tumor.

Houria Farghali said, in statements to local media, that she adopts the two children, but does not host them inside her home because she cannot bear to see them in this difficult health condition, but she visits them from time to time.

Houria Farghali confirmed that she has been spending on these two children and taking care of their needs completely for many years, but she does not visit them on a regular basis, and this is because she does not want to see them with this health condition they are going through because they are affected a lot.

Houria Farghali had previously revealed that she had adopted the child of the maid who worked for her, and she was not Egyptian, so she came to her and told her that she was pregnant by a strange man and that the man left her and ran away, so she wanted to get rid of the child.

But Houria Farghali refused that matter, and brought to her maid a young man to register the child in his name, and she took up the child, spends on him and teaches him to the extent that he was closely related to her, which led to the mother’s jealousy over him from her.

In the end, the maid took the child to her country of origin and ran away with him after all that Houria Farghali had given them.

And Houria Farghali revealed in an interview with the program (Bowdah), broadcast on the Egyptian channel (Al-Hayat), that she was deprived of the blessing of procreation because she had a uterine tumor.

A few months ago, Farghali announced that she had officially signed the contract for the series (Ayam wa Bnaisha), which is her first step in returning to art again after the great crisis she experienced as a result of breaking her nose and the difficult journey of treatment.

Farghali posted on her official Instagram account, pictures of the signing of the contract and commented: (Signing the contract for the series (Ayyam and We Live It).


From the pictures, there was a significant change in the appearance of Houria Farghali, after the strenuous operation to repair her nose, which had previously failed more than once.

Houria Farghaly after the last operation

The Egyptian actress, Houria Farghaly, had previously revealed her face clearly, to present the results of the four surgeries she underwent recently in America.

Farghali had hidden her face with the muzzle she wore as a precautionary measure to prevent the Corona virus, and she also used (filters and effects) in her first circulated photo after the operation.

Houria Farghali

Horeya Farghaly before and after

The effects of bruises were evident on the nymph’s nose after the operation, confirming that she had regained her sense of smell and taste again.

Farghali said in a video intervention on the dmc evening program on the dmc satellite channel: (My voice is no longer louder, and there are Prime Time Zone I did not imagine talking to me and asking about me, they restored my confidence in myself as a woman and as an actress).

Houria continued: (They made me feel that I wanted to work better, and do more than I did. My psychological state was in the rock bottom and I wished death, and I did not see a reason for me to live for it, but God is praise to you).

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Houria Farghali indicated that a large number of artists asked about her during her illness, and praised the role of the Egyptian artist Rania Mahmoud Yassin.

Houria said that Rania Mahmoud Yassin was (her back and voice), especially in the face of repeated rumors of her death during her treatment journey.

Farghali also appeared in another interview with Al-Shams channel, during which she also clearly revealed her face.

Houria Farghali’s retirement

Houria Farghali revealed earlier the truth of the news circulating about her retirement from art after her return to Egypt, and the success of her last nose surgery.

The artist expressed her dissatisfaction with this news and said: (In one of the program workers on YouTube, he says that I retired from art and ask forgiveness of our Lord, why, Prime Time Zone, am I doing what a monster? I have to say this from where? By stopping my current means).

Houria added, in an intervention on the ET Arabic program: (I mean, I am still out of 4 months of operations, well, I am happy that you did not say that I retired, I am coming down to Egypt and myself open to work and life, why do you say that?).

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