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The Lebanese actress, Qamar, topped the conversation on social media, after publishing a new photo session, during which she suddenly announced her pregnancy.

pregnant without marriage

The Lebanese Qamar was subjected to a fierce attack from her followers, after she did not announce her marriage or the identity of the father of the fetus, which made her respond to each other.


The Lebanese Qamar wrote a long post through the feature (Al-Asturi) through her account on (Instagram), in which she demanded not to interfere in her private life.

Lebanese moon 1
Lebanese moon

Lebanese moon: my life is a red line

Qamar said: (Social media is a double-edged sword, and not once did I decide to skimp on my fans with information about me, especially those who support me, but in the recent period strange things have happened.

And Qamar continued: (From the first day I announced my pregnancy, and you ask who is the father of the child, and who is pregnant, to the point where these are broken, you have the right to criticize my work, but my life is a red line).

Qamar continued her attack, saying: (Who are you to analyze and forbid, go learn from the West to civilize, and preserve the rights of mothers and children, and I have no problem with being a single mother (a single mother), and who is the man who abandons his responsibility).

(Holy Spirit)

And she continued: (Would you like to know who is the father of the child and I am pregnant by whom, pregnant from the Holy Spirit, God is with me! No one interferes, today any creature exists in life by God’s will, who are you to judge a soul created by God or deprive and analyze God’s creation.”

Qamar concluded her words by saying: (Who are you to analyze and forbid what you want, claiming religion and you are hypocrites and liars, I don’t have a problem being single mother and which one you will be as long as the man is not up to the responsibility, I want to say every time be strong and hold on to your children and raise your head and not be ashamed of You are the strength.

Months ago, the Lebanese Qamar raised the controversy again over the issue of the lineage of her only son, whom she gave birth to after her secret marriage to Egyptian businessman Gamal Marwan, director of Melody channels, who has not yet recognized him.

At the time, the Lebanese Qamar published a picture via the (Al-Asturi) feature on her official account via (Instagram), which was installed and her son was placed among both Jamal Marwan and the late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

moon and jimmy

And the Lebanese Qamar wrote in her comment on the photo: (Father, son, grandfather).

Amar, the Lebanese woman, uses the image of Gamal Abdel Nasser

Qamar also published another picture of her holding her son in her hands years ago, and commented: (Oh God, I love this picture, Jimmy was 3 months old).

Moon's son

And Qamar, the Lebanese woman, continued: (Praise be to God, I endured all the difficulties and harshest conditions and brought up my son, thanks to the Lord of the Worlds. May God protect all our children and grant them good days and a bright future).

Qamar attributes her son to Jamal Marawan in the hospital

Qamar had previously sparked controversy years ago when she published two pictures of her son, while he was putting a bracelet in his hand for patients inside the hospital, on which was written his triple name, Muhammad Jamal Marwan.

This made the followers believe that the case was resolved amicably in secret, and that Jamal Marwan finally admitted his paternity to the son of the Lebanese Qamar.

But those close to Jamal Marwan’s family denied the matter at the time, and confirmed that the case was closed in the Egyptian judiciary, and Qamar was unable to prove Jamal Marwan’s paternity to her son.

Claim to prove parentage

The Lebanese Qamar resorted to the Egyptian judiciary in 2010, and filed a lawsuit (proving the lineage) of her son against Gamal Marwan, and the two parties entered into a long dispute in the courts that lasted for years.

Qamar accused Gamal Abdel Nasser’s grandson, of stealing their marriage certificate, and demanded that he conduct a DNA analysis, after she and the child were analyzed.

The report of the sampling results at that time was handed over to the Egyptian Embassy in Lebanon after ratification by the Lebanese Foreign Ministry. Which in turn sent it to the Egyptian family court, in order to compare it with the DNA analysis of Gamal Marwan.

But Jamal Marawan refused to conduct the analysis and confirmed that he did not marry her.

In 2017, Circuit 114 of the Family Court of Appeal issued its ruling rejecting the Lebanese Qamar’s appeal and upholding the ruling of the first instance by rejecting the lineage case and obligating it to pay expenses and attorneys’ fees, given that the court allowed the appellant to prove the “existence of the bed” between her and Jamal Marwan.

However, the Lebanese Qamar failed to bring witnesses, and did not bring anything new in her appeal, which would change the opinion of the ruling.

The child Jimmy (whose real name is Muhammad), who is currently 11 years old, is still an illegitimate child, and his mother Qamar refuses to register him until now under the nickname of another man.

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