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Social networking sites in Egypt were buzzing with a video clip that sparked a wave of anger among the citizens, as he documented the moment of the kidnapping of a child in broad daylight by two men in a private car and dragging the child’s mother who was trying to save him related to the car.

Kidnapping a child from his mother’s arms!

The widely circulated clip that was monitored by (Watan) shows the kidnapping of a child from his mother’s arms while she was standing in a grocery store in the city of Mahalla in Gharbia Governorate.

According to the Egyptian government newspaper, Al-Ahram, the Director of Gharbia Security received a notification from the Director of Criminal Investigation stating that a report had been received to the head of the Criminal Investigation Branch in the Samanoud and Mahalla centers, from Ahmed Al-Behairy, about the kidnapping of his 8-year-old son Ziad from his mother’s arms by unknown masked persons and fleeing along the ring road. “Al-Mahalla _ Mansoura”.

Immediately, the chief of investigations of the third department of Mahalla and police forces moved to the site of the communication and the cameras were checked for the kidnapping incident.

Eyewitnesses reported that two masked men kidnapped the child at the threat of knives inside my angel’s car and ran away with him.

Even the car nearly ran over his mother while she was trying to prevent them from kidnapping the child, as she fell to the ground and the accused fled.

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The Criminal Investigation Department was tasked with investigating the circumstances and circumstances of the incident and issuing a report on the incident.

The Public Prosecution, which investigated the incident, notified the unloading of surveillance cameras and decided to quickly apprehend the fleeing perpetrators of the accident.

The security services of the Gharbia Security Directorate are intensifying their efforts to uncover the mystery of this incident, which caused a great stir on the communication sites. Arrest the accused and return the child to his family.

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