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The men of the Ministry of the Interior in Kuwait thwarted a Kuwaiti woman’s attempt to commit suicide by jumping from the top of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Bridge in the capital, Kuwait.

The vigilance of the traffic cops saved her

و .ظهرت Popular video clips Through social media, Watan documented the moment of saving the woman, after traffic men noticed a vehicle parked on the side of the road above the bridge.

A traffic policeman approached the vehicle and spoke with the woman inside to inquire about the reason for her stopping, and asked her to leave, and returned to his position.

As soon as the policeman returned to his patrol, the woman left her car and headed to the fence of the iron bridge and tried to jump into the sea with the intention of committing suicide, but the security man immediately noticed and quickly intervened.

In the video, published by the General Traffic Department, another security man appeared to help his colleague prevent the woman from committing suicide, praising the vigilance of traffic police.

The administration indicated that the woman was detained in her vehicle and referred to the competent authority, and the Assistant Director-General for Traffic and Licensing Affairs honored the two security men, policeman Faisal Muhammad Al-Daihani and policeman Muhammad Aqeel, and praised their acumen, sense of security and efforts to prevent suicide.

A person who jumped from the same bridge was pulled out

Jaber Bridge witnessed several suicide attempts in the past. Last February, a citizen (born in 1983) threw himself from the top of Jaber Bridge, attempting to commit suicide after stopping his car and leaving it open.

One of the witnesses immediately informed the operations of the Ministry of Interior and was rescued by the Coast Guard and referred to the hospital for treatment and then to the police station at the time.

A case of attempted suicide was registered on the order of the Public Prosecution Office, and the citizen was detained.

A series of suicides in Kuwait

A series of suicide incidents or attempts to commit suicide in Kuwait recently sparked widespread controversy in the country, one of which was when a young Bidoon committed suicide by self-immolation.

According to what the activists said through the hashtag (#Suicide_Without_Ballibya), which led the Kuwaiti trend on Twitter, the young man who committed suicide is from the Bidoon category (without nationality in Kuwait), and he is 27 years old.

It was also clear from the label that the suicide incident occurred in the Sulaibiya area in the Jahra Governorate in Kuwait.

The Bedoon youth committed suicide by pouring petroleum jelly on his body and setting himself on fire.

Many activists expressed their solidarity with the young man in particular and the Bidoon group in general, directing sharp criticism to those responsible for bringing the Bidoon to this stage due to the difficult living conditions.

suicide attempt without

Only a month later, activists circulated on social media, a video documenting the moment a young man (Bidoon) attempted suicide, after his random rug was confiscated by the municipality and the police.

The young man appeared in the video at the time, while he was holding a knife and a bottle containing (gasoline), threatening to burn himself, and shouting that these items were his money and halal, and that his father had recently died and is the only breadwinner for his family.

One of those present managed to pull the knife from the bidoon’s hand, causing a cut in his hand, while members of the police and municipality kept arguing with the bidoon in an attempt to persuade him to stop committing suicide.

The video renewed the activists’ anger at the officials, due to the Bedoun access to these difficult living conditions in Kuwait, declaring their solidarity with the young man through the hashtag #Attempt_Suicide_Bidoon.

11-year-old suicide

As for the most shocking incident, the news of the suicide of a Bidoon child, which was then issued with a tag on the Kuwaiti trend incident within a record time under the tag (Suicide of a Bidoon Child)

A security source said at the time, according to what was reported by the Kuwaiti newspaper (Al-Rai), that the Ministry of Interior had received a report that a child had committed suicide. (11 years), from the category of unspecified nationality, in Al-Sulaibiya area, Al-Jahra Governorate in Kuwait.

The source stated that the Sulaibiya police station received a report of the child’s suicide, and when the security men went to his family’s house, the child was dead. life when his family tries to take him to the hospital in an attempt to save his life.

In the details, when one of the siblings of the suicide child knocked on the door of his room, he did not respond, which prompted his parents to. The door to the room was broken, only to discover that the child was hanging from the ceiling of the room by using an electrical wire. They informed the security men and tried to rescue him by transferring him to the hospital, but he died.

Suicide rates are high in Kuwait

It is worth noting that suicide rates in Kuwait, during the first five months of 2021, increased by 50% compared to the same period in 2020.

And the local newspaper (Al-Qabas) earlier quoted security sources as saying that the competent authorities recorded about 75 suicide cases within 5 months from the beginning of January 2021, compared to about 90 cases in the whole of 2020.

The sources indicated that the majority of suicide cases were committed by members of Asian communities, pointing out that 9 attempts were recorded that the owners failed to end their lives, and cases (attempted suicide) were registered against them.

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