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Last week, a US court sentenced Thomas Stemann, 53, to 10 years in prison for injecting a woman with semen.

The incident dates back to February 2020, when a videotape documented by surveillance cameras showed the man walking behind a young woman after she was returning a shopping cart in a grocery store, and then suddenly he injected her with semen with a syringe in his hand.

Prosecutors described Steiman’s attack as “extremely frightening”, and a judge described it as “extremely bizarre and disturbing.”

Female semen injection

During her television interview after the attack, the victim, “Kate Peters,” said that she screamed at the man after he attacked her, and she initially thought that he had burned her with a cigarette, but according to Watan’s translation, she said that as she was leaving the car, the wound “started burning like crazy.”

When she got home, Peters noticed a small red spot and what looked like a hole in her buttocks and felt a wet substance on her pants, prosecutors said.

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Peters called the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Department, who retrieved surveillance video from the supermarket, to show footage of the attack on the woman, but the footage also revealed that Steiman had followed two other Prime Time Zone – including a 17-year-old girl – before pulling what appeared to be from his pocket. Like an injection. Tried but failed to get close enough to affix it.

The next day, Peters noticed that the area around the wound had become a red area about four inches wide and headed for treatment at a nearby hospital, where doctors prescribed a 30-day course of preventative medication.

For about a week, Peters didn’t know what Stymine had injected her with.

Peters called the police when they realized that she had not been burned by a cigarette but had been deliberately injected with an unknown substance.

Post a video of a woman being injected with semen

Meanwhile, police released a video of a woman being injected with semen and called Steimon as a suspect, after investigators obtained a search warrant for his home and car.

During the search of the car, police found a large syringe in the driver’s side door with an unknown cloudy liquid inside.

They discovered another syringe with cloudy liquid on the top shelf of his medicine cabinet and nine empty syringes scattered around his house in the kitchen and on bedroom tables.

Prosecutors said, according to Watan’s translation, after the verdict was pronounced, that they also found a sweatshirt, trousers and shoes that Steiman was wearing during the attack.

The police sent the syringes to a crime lab for DNA testing, which turned out to be a match for Stemann’s DNA.

Steiman was arrested a week after the semen injection attack. When the police asked him what he was doing behind Peters, he told them he was “doing nothing, he’s just standing there.”

“You wouldn’t do this to me or to the youth in my community and get away with it,” the victim said.

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