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The Saudi journalist and comedian, Bader Saleh, announced that a judgment was issued according to him for 5 months because of a clip he broadcasted 6 years ago, and the court considered it offensive to one of the Prime Time Zone who dealt with stinging criticism on the “Aish Elly” program that he was presenting at the time.

Saleh commented, via a video clip, in a state of shock and great sadness: “A verdict was issued against me because of my criticism of a person in the fourth season of the “Aish Elly” program.”

And he continued: “I submitted an appeal and resorted to a lawyer, but a message was received by phone that the verdict was upheld for 5 months.”

Bader Al-Saleh and Ali Mishaal

According to what the followers circulated, the Saudi journalist, Ali Mishaal, is the person who criticized him in the aforementioned video and caused a prison sentence against him.

For his part, Al-Mishal commented on his Twitter account, saying: A large number of tweets are sitting telling me that I forgive “Badr Saleh”, and from this platform I like to say that I have never complained about him legally.

He continued, according to what was monitored (Watan): “I did not even think about the matter, although he offended me in an unacceptable way, but my Lord forgives him and helps him in the next period!”

It was said that Badr Saleh criticized Al-Mishaal in a sarcastic manner and filed a lawsuit against him, while the details of the case have not yet been clarified.

What is the program

It is noteworthy that the “Ish Elly” comedy program was presented by Badr Saleh on his YouTube channel, and was broadcast on March 7, 2011 until the program stopped on February 16, 2017.

Badr Saleh said in previous statements: “The name of the program comes from a reaction to something strange or funny, and the idea of ​​the program came from the U-Turn Production Company, which presented the idea to me by sarcastic comment on various videos on YouTube, and I had the freedom to choose in the content.”

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The program dealt with some phenomena of Saudi society in a humorous and sarcastic manner, and comments on some videos shown on YouTube by various users.

Although the works presented by Badr are still few, their resonance is wide and spread through various social networking sites or even through blogs and forums.

Badr had previously stated that he aims to criticize in a fun and comic way, not in a boring and traditional way, so that the comments will be entrenched in the minds of the viewers, according to him.

He also explained that writing the content of the episode takes more effort than filming, and that he is keen not to hurt everyone’s feelings in his comment and not to be contrary to the Islamic religion, customs and traditions, but rather resort to commenting in a funny way with a message.

Some activists gloated about Badr Saleh, who said that he is of Yemeni origin and that he has offended prominent figures and symbols in ways that are immoral and tasteless.

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