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The Lebanese actress and former Miss Lebanon, Valerie Abu Chakra, shared a new photo of her twins, whom she gave birth to about two months ago.

(the heart is fuller)

And Valerie Abu Shakra published a photo through her official account on (Instagram), while she is in her twin room, wearing home pajamas, carrying both of them, and commented: (Hands are full, but the heart is more full).

Valerie’s photo raised the astonishment of her followers after she appeared so graceful after giving birth, and her loss of excess weight due to pregnancy.

And the first picture of Valerie with her twin children last February, received a great reaction, after she appeared in it from inside the operating room immediately after her birth.

The photos that Valerie Abu Chakra published on her official Instagram account showed her sitting in a robe with her stomach still swollen from pregnancy.

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She was carrying the twin she had given birth to on her chest and smiled with joy, and the doctor and medical equipment appeared next to her in the operating room.

Valerie had announced the news of her birth in a video she published earlier, which showed roses in pink, and the pioneers of social networking sites circulated a picture showing flowers and balloons written on it: “Baby Girl.”

About a week ago, Valerie celebrated the birthday of her husband, Lebanese businessman Ziad Ammar.

At the time, Valerie published a picture of her via (Instagram), embracing her husband and in front of them a sweet mold on which was written (Happy Birthday Ziyad).

And Valerie Abu Chakra celebrated her marriage last summer, to the Lebanese businessman Ziad Ammar.

The ceremony was held at the Patriarchal edifice in Bkerke, Lebanon, during the month of August 2020.

Who is Valerie Abou Chakra?

Valerie Abou Chakra, born January 15, 1992, is Miss Lebanon 2015 and an actress.

Valerie studied radio and television at the Lebanese American University in Beirut.

She participated in the Miss Lebanon contest and won the title.

She also represented her country, Lebanon, in the Miss World competition in 2015 and was among the top 5.

She was named the most beautiful face of 2015.

her family life

In June 2019, she announced her engagement to Lebanese businessman Ziad Ammar, and on August 1, 2020, she officially married.

In 2016, Valerie participated in the “Dancing with the Stars” program and came in third place.

In 2017, she also presented Project Runway Middle East in its second season, which was shown on mbc4.

Maya Raidy shows off her body

Unlike current Miss Maya Raidy, Valerie Abou Chakra does not adopt bold and controversial looks.

Maya Raidy was subjected to a new wave of attack yesterday, Wednesday, after displaying her body in swimsuits on a beach in Dubai.

Maya Raidy appeared in a two-piece swimsuit that revealed much of her body, and subjected her to harsh criticism.

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Maya Raidy’s appearance angered her followers, accusing her of not providing any meaningful content other than showing off her body, and that, due to the Corona crisis, she still maintains the title of Miss Lebanon for the third year in a row, but she did nothing for her country, according to their expression.

They also compared her to Miss America 2010, of Lebanese origin, Rima Fakih, who relies on her culture and intelligence, not her body.

Maya Raidy: I ​​felt like the sun

Last month, Raidy was also criticized for her dress that she appeared in at the EMI Gala in Dubai, UAE.

Miss Lebanon wore a yellow dress signed by Michael Cinco, with a strange and huge design that her followers saw that it did not suit her and she was not successful in choosing it, while the dress revealed her chest in a scandalous way.

Maya attached her photos of her wearing the dress through her account on (Instagram) with a comment in which she said: (Moments before the live broadcast! It was a great experience to be the main host in these years, EMIGALAtheemigala).

And Miss Lebanon continued: (presenting the show and sharing the stage while honoring the past nights from all over the Middle East and the world who are pioneers in their fields of specialization was an excitement not to be missed, congratulations to all of you!).

Miss Lebanon Raidy praised fashion designer Michael Cinco and said: (I felt like the sun, thank you).

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