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Activists circulated on social media, a video of a Jordanian citizen threatening another with a sharp object “hatchet” while driving the car.

A “hatchet” because of a road dispute

In the video that “Watan” watched, the citizen appears, waving a sharp machete in his hand while he is driving, and talking to another and saying: “You are supposed to be ashamed that he is in a woman with you in the car, I did not want to insult you because of her.”

While it was not clear the reason for the disagreement between the two individuals, Jordanian activists stated that it concerns priority traffic on the road between the driver and the other party.

Public Security comments

The video sparked anger among the activists, who demanded their arrest to prevent the continuation of the thuggery phenomenon that has become haunted by Jordanian society.

Later, the Public Security Department in Jordan announced that the driver had been arrested, who appeared with a sharp object (hatchet) threatening a person on the public road.

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The media spokesperson for the Public Security Directorate said that a video was spread on social media in which a person was driving a medium transport bus with a sharp tool (hatchet) threatening a person walking on the public road, where the video was followed up to determine the identity of that person and arrest him.

The media spokesman confirmed that, within a short period of time, the investigators were able to determine the identity of the person who was carrying the sharp tool.

The suspect’s whereabouts were determined, he was arrested, and investigations began with him in preparation for his referral to justice.

A quarrel with sharp tools

In another context, a quarrel broke out between a group of Prime Time Zone in the ninth area in the city of Aqaba, during which they used sharp tools.

The fight resulted in the death of one person and the injury of 4 others, and the security men moved to the place and evacuated the death and transferred the injuries to Prince Hashem Hospital, seized the parties involved in the fight, and opened an investigation into the incident.

Run over hysterically

Last month, activists circulated on social media, a horrific video documenting a moment of deliberately running over a twenty-year-old man more than once, in the Bayader Wadi Al-Seer area, west of the capital, Amman.

In the video clip, which was captured by the surveillance cameras, the victim is standing among a group of young men, and suddenly the perpetrator comes running towards them. They all flee, but he manages to run over the young man.

The perpetrator was not satisfied with that, but returned to run over the young man who was trying to get up three times, hysterically, and each time the blow was stronger than before.

Young men rush to the car, stop the perpetrator and beat him, while others try to pull the victim out from underneath to try to rescue him.

And local media reported that the young man was hospitalized to receive the necessary treatment, and soon he died, and that the perpetrator was delivered. The same was reported to the competent security center, where an investigation was opened into the incident to determine its circumstances.

The identity of the victim

Some newspapers indicated that the young man was called Mustafa Yusef Sanduqa, and that the reason for the attack was the victim’s request from his owner. The car was not to drift in front of their house, so his reaction was that he ran him over to death.

The Jordan Deaths page published a picture of the young man, Mustafa Sanduqa, and indicated that he had died in an arson accident in Al-Bayader Wadi Al-Seer.

The video sparked angry reactions among Jordanians to the brutality of the crime, which reached the point of calling for the execution of the perpetrator.

Crime in Jordan

It is noteworthy that the number of crimes committed in Jordan is increasing, especially after 2019, which witnessed an increase of 32% from. The year before that, according to a statistical report prepared by the General Directorate of Public Security.

The report stated that for every 10,000 inhabitants, 25 crimes occurred in 2019, with a maximum duration of 24 minutes.

The report indicated that the common causes behind premeditated murders are personal disputes, at a rate of 48.18%, and family disputes. At a rate of 30.91%, and then the motives of revenge and retaliation at a rate of 0.91%.

In Jordan, the State Security Court had sentenced 6 defendants to death by hanging in a case. Saleh boy blue.

This came in the public court session that was held to pronounce the verdict against the defendants, and it was presided over by the president of the court, the military judge. Mwafak Al-Masaeed, and the membership of the military judge, Lieutenant Colonel Amer Halasa, and the civilian judge, Afif Al-Walda, in the presence of the State Security Prosecutor. According to the local newspaper “Ruya”.

The court sentenced two defendants to one year in prison, 15 years imprisonment, another 10 years defendant, and acquittal of the rest.

And in the case of the Zarqa boy, 17 defendants are being tried, including one who has escaped from justice.

During the holding of its sessions, the court heard 50 prosecution witnesses and defense of the case.

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