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By beating and insulting in foreign words, a quarrel erupted in the Marina on the North Coast between the Egyptian festivals singer Hamu Beka and others.

The quarrel occurred after Hamo Beka’s car collided with another car in front of Marina Gate 5 on the North Coast.

And the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, quoted Ahmed, the cousin of the owner of the car that collided with Hama Beka’s car, that he was with his relative coming from Dubai, and they were wandering in the Marina on the North Coast.

He said that at one of the roundabouts in front of Gate 5, their car collided with another that was traveling in its direction near the roundabout without slowing down, only to be surprised that it was the car of festivals singer Hamu Beka.

He said that Becca got out of his Range Rover with 4 of his employees, insulting them with obscene words, beating them and smashing the car’s windows with bricks.

He confirmed that the quarrel lasted about an hour and a half, adding that they told Becca that if he had a right, he would take it calmly, and there was no point in beating and lack of manners, but he responded by saying: “I’m Horiqua, I’m going to do it. I’m Beca’s father-in-law.”

He added that after going to the police station, they were asked to compensate 300,000 pounds, and after negotiations from 150,000 to 70,000 pounds, he took the amount.

He stated that when Beka took the amount, he started laughing in their faces, and then the two parties left the prosecution by mutual consent.

For their part, tweeters commented on the quarrel, describing what Hama Beca and his companions had done as bullying.

In another matter, the famous Egyptian festival singer Hamu Beka, a few days ago, published pictures that sparked widespread controversy for his new car, which was painted in 24-carat gold.

And Beca published, through his official account on “Facebook”, according to what (Watan) spotted his picture while he was next to the car and commented on it by saying: “My car is in its new dress, 24 caliber.”

Preventing dealing with Hama Beca

And the captain of the musicians, Hani Shaker, had issued an official decision banning dealing with 5 popular festival singers in Egypt, including the singer Hamo Beka.

The decision came in an official statement issued after the Musicians Syndicate’s meeting on Sunday. The statement identified the names of the five singers: Hamo Beca, Nour El-Tout, Muslim, Enaba, and Ahmed Moza.

The statement indicated that the decision is enforceable against the five singers until their conditions within the union are corrected, by joining it after passing the exams.

The statement stressed that the decision applies to everyone who is not a member of the union and is not authorized to work until the situation is corrected and the tests are passed.

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