Watch what happened after banning external loudspeakers for Friday prayers in Saudi Arabia | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


In a practical implementation of the decision of the Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh to limit the use of external loudspeakers in mosques to calling the call to prayer and Iqamah only, worshipers in a number of Saudi mosques expressed their discontent and indignation today over what happened during Friday prayers.

Friday prayer without external loudspeakers for mosques

Activists on social media circulated scenes showing worshipers on Friday praying outside mosques due to the crowding, and as a result of the decision to block the loudspeakers, they could not hear the sermon or the imam’s voice.

wide anger

Immediately after the videos were circulated, Saudi tweeters launched a hashtag (# We ask for the return of the voice of the prayer), interspersed with comments indignant from the decision.

Writer and singer Turki Al-Shalhoub said: “In the land of the message… the voice of the Qur’an and sermons are prohibited, and concerts are allowed to be raised.”

His Excellency Al Rabarari’s account wrote: “The scene of Friday prayer today is very sad, Friday without sermon and without prayer!! For those who pray outside the mosque!!”

The tweeter Saleh said: “Many mosques have damaged worshipers in their courtyards today due to the decision to ban loudspeakers! By God, if the Ministry of Islamic Affairs had studied the decision, Zain before it was issued, it would have excluded Friday prayers, at least!

It is worth noting that a decision was issued by the Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, Abdul Latif Al Al-Sheikh, to limit the use of external loudspeakers to mosques to raising the call to prayer and Iqamah only, “and that the loudness of the devices should not exceed one third of the degree of the loudspeaker, and legal action is taken against anyone who violates it.”

Saleh Al-Fawzan: The sounds of mosques’ external loudspeakers are a “disaster”

Activists had re-circulated what Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, said, that the sounds of mosques’ external loudspeakers have become a calamity that many Prime Time Zone are complaining about.

Al-Fawzan said during a television interview on the (Saudi) channel: (Some imams raise the sound of the loudspeaker outside the mosque, and the sound is supposed to be inside the mosque so that the audience can hear only, and not the streets or houses and markets, this is of no benefit but rather harms the homes and the sick and those who pray in their homes) .

At the time, Al-Fawzan called on the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and the mosques to pledge allegiance to these mosques, and to take them at the hands of those who do not take into account the conditions of Prime Time Zone, as he put it.

The imam and preacher of the Quba Mosque, Dr. Sulaiman bin Salim Allah Al-Rahili, supported the decision and said in tweets on his account on (Twitter): The fact that the residence is raised by loudspeakers is a matter of disagreement among our great scholars.

The decision sparked controversy among activists who linked the matter to the changes that Saudi Arabia has been witnessing for years, and to replace the Entertainment Authority with the Authority for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in the country.

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