Watch Yasmine Sabry raise controversy in her latest appearance from inside Abu Al-Rish Hospital | A nation is tweeting out of tune


In a humanitarian gesture, Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry visited, on Wednesday morning, the tenth of February 2021, Abu Al-Rish Teaching Hospital for Children in Mounira, Egypt.

Yasmine Sabry donated money to the hospital in order to support her in the journey of treating children in Egypt free of charge.

The Egyptian actress published, through her official Twitter account, pictures showing her in the hospital with the children.

And she commented: “Thank you very much for hosting me in Abu Al-Rish Hospital, Lord of the cure for every patient.”

According to Egyptian media, Yasmine Sabry expressed her happiness and pride in the children, whom she described as “heroes” who are staying in the hospital.

She praised their ability to withstand and face the disease with courage and a smile.

Yasmine Sabry distributed gifts to children in the hospital, and visited the headquarters of educational lectures organized by the hospital for children.

The hospital administration holds these lectures in order to educate them and their families about diabetes, how to deal with it, and how to face the bad psychological state during the phase of their fight against this disease, as well as support them morally during the treatment journey from it.

The appearance of Yasmine Sabry inside the hospital sparked controversy among observers.

Whereas most of the comments praised her action and asked her for the reward from God, some believed that good deeds are not depicted in this way and show that they are between the servant and his Lord.

Some also criticized the appearance of Yasmine in her full costume and expensive jewelry among the poor.

And she wrote in this context: “Every maqam has an essay that is supposed to go to places of oppression and the sick, with full adornment and precious jewelry.”

And she continued, explaining: “Because their visits are consolation and sympathy is that you feel them and support them psychologically. And they feel that their uniforms are not different from them.

Yasmine Sabry’s muscles

It is noteworthy that early this month, Yasmine caused controversy by publishing a new video on her personal account on the social networking site Instagram.

Yasmine Sabry appeared with a view, demonstrating her physical fitness by exercising from inside the gym, where she showed her muscles.

The image of Yasmine, whose muscles appear from the back, was scarce and ridiculed by some, as it likened her to men.

On January 21, the birthday of the artist Yasmine Sabry, who has completed her 33rd year, is keen to share with her audience the latest photos and videos that highlight her beauty and elegance.

Last year, Yasmine Sabri celebrated her wedding to businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, amid strict precautions due to the emerging Corona virus.

Imitation of Ronaldo’s wife

The past weeks have witnessed a state of mockery from the Egyptian actress Yasmine Sabry, launched by a number of tweeters, considering that she continues to imitate. Wife of Portuguese player Cristiano Ronalda, Georgina Rodges.

The tweeters considered that Yasmine is showing off her wealth and her home after her marriage to the Egyptian businessman, Ahmed Abu Hashima.

It is worth noting that Ahmed Abu Hashima was married to the Lebanese artist, Haifa Wehbe, from 2009 to 2012.

While Yasmine was married to a person outside the artistic community, and announced her separation from him in 2017, after marriage that lasted nearly five years.

Yasmine was able to present a number of good works of art, and her beauty greatly helped her presence in the world of cinema and television.

Perhaps her most prominent works are “Hell in India” and “Diesel” and in the drama series “Jabal Al Halal” and “A Second Chance”.

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