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The English club Watford announced yesterday, Sunday, the dismissal of its Spanish coach, Cesco Muñoz, 41, from the leadership of the team, after the negative results in the English Premier League competitions.

Watford and the dismissal of his coach

And the management of the Watford team rising to the Premier League in the English Premier League “Premier League”, in a statement published on its official account, stated: “The board of directors believes that the team’s recent performance clearly indicates the negative trend at a time when the team’s situation should improve in a way Noticeable”.

And she added, “The club will not issue any new statements until an official announcement is made soon about the appointment of a new coach.”

Watford coach has lost his position

Watford coach Muñoz becomes the first coach to be sacked since the start of the English Premier League last August.

The Spanish coach, “Cescu Muñoz”, took over the leadership of the English team, succeeding former coach “Vladimir Ivic” last December, before his success in the team’s promotion to the Premier League.

In its last match, Watford lost to Leather United with a clean goal, and the only goal of the meeting came in the 18th minute through Diego Llorente, defender of the Leather United team, during the eighth round of the Premier League, bringing the number of defeats to four and is close to being threatened with relegation to League Two.

English Premier League standings

Chelsea topped the list of the English Premier League standings with 16 points, two points ahead of runner-up Liverpool, who came in second with 15 points.

Manchester City came third with 14 points, equal, respectively, with Manchester United, Everton and Brighton with the same points.

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As for the seventh place, the Brentford team came with 12 points, followed by the Tottenham team in the eighth place with the same points, and in the ninth place came West Ham United team with 11 points.

Aston Villa and Leicester City standings

In the tenth position, Aston Villa came with 10 points, equal to Arsenal, which occupies eleventh place in the table, followed by Wolverhampton with 9 points, in twelfth place.

Leicester City came in thirteenth place with 8 points, and Crystal Palace came in the 14th place with 7 points, equal in number of points with Watford with the same points, and Leather United came with 6 points.

In the seventeenth place, the Southampton team came with 4 points, while Burnley and Newcastle United came in the eighth and nineteenth place with 3 points, and Norwich came in the lowest ranking with one point during the current season’s competitions.

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