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Activists on the communication sites in Egypt circulated a video leaked from internal cameras of a Koshary store, which sparked widespread controversy due to what he documented of an Egyptian wife’s sudden and strange attack on her husband.

وبحسب rolling section It was widely monitored by (Watan), as the couple appeared eating koshary inside the shop and exchanging conversations.

Before the wife suddenly became angry and got up from her place and surprised her husband with her koshary dish in his face, then she left the shop.

Details of an Egyptian wife’s assault on her husband

While some questioned the authenticity of the incident and claimed that it was a charade between the man and his wife, to increase the number of views, the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan” reported the truth of the matter through one of the workers inside the Koshary shop, who refused to be named.

According to the local newspaper, one of the shop’s employees confirmed during his speech that the incident occurred inside a Koshary shop in the New Marg.

He added: “One of the workers inside the shop leaked the video, and it was circulated on the Tik Tok video site, before it spread on many other social networking sites.”

And the worker continued, “The owner of the shop is upset with the circulation of the video, because of Prime Time Zone’s comments and ridicule on the video, and the workers inside the shop were harassed because of the leakage of the video, which caused the place to be subjected to insults.”

Marital violence crimes in Egypt

It is noteworthy that the governorates of Qalyubia, Dakahlia and Beni Suef in Egypt witnessed during the past three days the most heinous murders, all of which took place within the narrow family environment, and the victim in the three incidents is one of the spouses.

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The method of killing was one “stabbing with a knife”, and the stab wounds varied between 11 and 27, meaning that the three crimes crossed the one-stab barrier in getting rid of a life partner. The bodies were transferred to hospitals and the prosecution demanded that the burial procedures be quickly completed.

Reham killed her accountant husband

In Qalyubia, the life of an accountant named “Mohammed” ended at the hands of his wife “Riham” in the village of Tant al-Jazira, affiliated to the Toukh Police Station, after the wife stabbed her husband on the day of the Eid al-Adha stand due to a dispute that occurred between them over charging the electricity meter in their apartment in the village, so she paid him He stabs until he died in front of her eyes.

In Qena, he stabbed her 27 times, then cut the arteries of his hand

In Beni Suef, Mahmoud, 37, made detailed confessions before the Ahnasiya Public Prosecution Office, admitting to killing his wife by stabbing her in the neck, chest and stomach.

Then he repeated the stab wounds in all parts of her body until she died, affected by 27 stab wounds to her body, due to her leaving the house and filing a divorce case, due to the repeated suffocations.

Then Mahmoud cut the arteries of his hand with the intention of committing suicide.

The third victim is a doctor at the hands of her husband, the doctor

In Dakahlia, the village of Shawa, which is affiliated with the Mansoura Center, witnessed a heinous murder of a doctor at the hands of her husband, the doctor, who stabbed her 11 because of an argument between them and fled after committing his crime.

The Dakahlia investigations are intensifying their efforts to arrest him. Examination revealed the death of Dr. Yasmine, 26, a doctor, after receiving 11 stabs, and that the perpetrator of the crime was her husband, Mahmoud, 29 years old, a dentist, who fled on the run.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the doctor had three children, and a dispute broke out between the spouses in their apartment, and as a result of the quarrel, the husband stabbed his wife with a knife several successive and window stabs.

Then he left the knife, washed his hands, and ran away. The necessary records were issued and the competent prosecutions began investigations.

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