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Israeli commentators and researchers talked about the current round of confrontation with Hamas, and the explosion in the situation in Jerusalem and the Palestinian interior, indicating the collapse of the bet on normalization agreements, and resulted in harm to Israel’s regional position, and portrayed it as a “bi-national state.”

The Palestinians blew up Netanyahu’s dream

Omer Einaf, a researcher at the Moled Research Center, said that the explosion of the current confrontation in Gaza, Jerusalem, and inside Palestinian cities and towns in the occupied interior indicates “the decline in the impression that Benjamin Netanyahu tried to establish after the normalization agreements with Arab countries that the Palestinian issue no longer exists, and is no longer.” Means the Arab peoples ”.

In an article published by “Yediot Aharonot” newspaper on Wednesday, Einaf stressed that the Palestinian cause has returned strongly after the events in Jerusalem and the escalation with Gaza, and the accompanying Arab detour, all of this lent credence to the warnings of General Doron Shalom, commander of the Research Brigade in the Military Intelligence Division The former Israeli, who warned against accepting Netanyahu’s claim that the Arab world will abandon the Palestinian cause in the wake of the normalization agreements; Supporting the Palestinian cause is the common denominator that unites the Arabs.

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Einaf said that the continuous confrontations indicate the failure of the “conflict management” strategy that Netanyahu was working on, which was based on freezing the status of the relationship between Israel and each of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and “lack of progress in the path of settling the conflict.”

Rocket launch

For his part, Yoav Limor, military commentator for the newspaper “Israel Hayom”, stressed that the danger of launching the rockets launched by the resistance in Gaza in the past two days is not due to its material results, but rather in its success in undermining Israel’s regional position.

Omer Aynaf: The explosion of the current confrontation in Gaza, Jerusalem, and inside Palestinian cities and towns in the occupied interior indicates “the erosion of the impression that Benjamin Netanyahu tried to establish after the normalization agreements with Arab countries that the Palestinian issue no longer exists, and no longer concerns the Arab peoples. According to the new Arabic translation.

In an analysis published by the newspaper on Wednesday, Limor indicated that the “current round of fighting” affected the status of Israel, which presents itself as “the most important force in the region, especially after Hamas forced millions of Israelis to go to bomb shelters, and Tel Aviv was forced to close an airport. Ben-Gurion, stressing that the status of “Hamas” has greatly increased.

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He explained that all indications indicate that “despite the intention of Israel to harm many civilian targets, including residential towers, Hamas has no intention of retreating and submitting,” highlighting that this requires Israel to decide the distance it can travel in these confrontation.

Does Netanyahu have the courage to carry out a ground operation in the Gaza Strip?

The Israeli commentator ruled out that the political leadership in Tel Aviv is ready to issue orders to carry out a wide ground operation in the Strip.

According to Limor’s estimates, Israel’s primary goal in the current military operation is to prevent Hamas from imposing the “Gaza-Jerusalem equation,” through which the movement is trying to push Tel Aviv to concede that it will respond militarily to Israeli behavior in Jerusalem. He stressed that the occupation army is interested in continuing to direct strikes inside the Gaza Strip in order to restore the Israeli deterrence force, which was severely damaged on the eve and during the current round of fighting.

For his part, Amos Harel, a military commentator for Haaretz, said that Hamas managed to “surprise Israel” by firing rockets at Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv area.

In a report published by the newspaper today, Harel predicted that the long distance that “Hamas” had traveled in its challenge to Israel might force the latter to backtrack on reaching a new truce understanding that ends the current confrontation, and to go instead to launching a large ground operation that calls for massive recruitment of reservists.

Do not go near religious places

As for the writer Shimret Meiri, she held the decision-making department in Tel Aviv responsible for Israel being forced to back down and accept the dictates of the Palestinians.

In an article published in the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot”, Meiri drew attention to the fact that Israel ignored the dangerous repercussions of any behavior in Jerusalem due to the city’s status and sensitivity to exposure to it, and waited until Palestinian anger erupted, and then it was forced to retreat and retreat, as happened after opening the stairs of the Column Gate, and canceling The Jews stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and was forced to change the course of the flags march.

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Meiri called for the Palestinians to observe the manifestations of defiance, particularly in Jerusalem, and not to show any signs of fear, and to their eagerness to appear superior on the Israeli side, noting that this was “enshrined in their daring to attack the police.”

Rogel Elver, a media critic for Haaretz, considered the widespread involvement of Palestinians inside the confrontation against Israel, for the first time, and on this scale, presented Israel as a “binational state at the height of a civil war.”

In an article published by the newspaper, Elver addressed his words to the Israelis, saying: “Israel is torn apart and its grave is under piles of rubble. You thought that this only happens in Africa and Latin America,” noting that “Israel is currently going through the same experience.”

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