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What did Sulaiman Al-Rajhi do to become the talk of the Saudis? A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Suleiman Al-Rajhi, a Saudi businessman, today, Friday, issued the most prominent topics that are searched for on the Google search engine in Saudi Arabia.

Factory with female staff

This came after the circulation of a video clip of him published on the account of Al-Wataniah Chicken, in which Al-Rajhi is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, monitored by “Watan”.

The video came with a comment: “His Excellency Sheikh Suleiman Al-Rajhi, Chairman of the National Poultry Board, launched the operation phase of the poultry meat production plant with a production capacity of 120 tons and an area estimated at 30 thousand square meters.”

The comment indicated that this will be done by employing a female staff with complete privacy and a suitable work environment, and that he decided to spend 10 million riyals as a reward for all workers.

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi addresses women

In the video clip, published on February 10, Al-Rajhi addressed a group of women.

Al-Rajhi said: “You are the basis and you are the model and you are everything, but we, the founders or those in charge of the mission, intended, God willing, that you would serve the country and the Prime Time Zone in it.”

He added: “This project is not our project. This project is not for Al-Rajhi. The project is for you, you and we, the founders, collecting ideas.”

He added, “But the heavy burden is for you, and for you, and God helps you and help us and you and make our work and your work sincere for the sake of God.”

Flurry of reaction

In the context, the pioneers of social networking sites in Saudi Arabia interacted with the announcement of the Saudi businessman, praising the decision, which many of them considered wise.

Bakr Jaber Al-Zahrani said: “10 million riyals is a reward for all workers. I challenge if a merchant in our country preceded Al-Rajhi with such generosity and generosity. May God bless him with what he possesses.”

Badr Al-Sabah said: “Al-Rajhi is always at the forefront and a race for the good work that is good for his country and society. I wish them to leave half of what Al-Rajhi settles.”

He added: “By God, he is tired of them and they are incapacitated. May God reward you with the best reward and prolong your life in doing good and righteous deeds. I wish merchants and the wealthy to forget everything.

Hammoud Al-Hiyousi commented by saying: “A religion and a world, Sheikh Suleiman Al-Rajhi may God prolong his life is an example of a successful businessman who has done much to serve religion, society and the nation.”

He continued: “These are the ones who build the nation because they are the true children of the nation .. loyalty and love.”

Said bin Muhammad Al-Qadi said: “The great national economic symbol, Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, may God grant him health and wellness, a milestone in our national economy. Yes, good money is in the hands of the righteous servant.”

Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Harbi, said: “# Sheikh Suleiman Al-Rajhi like him, we are proud and we ask God Almighty to reward him with good and reward him for that.”

Engineer Ibrahim Al-Buhairi commented on the video by saying: “Sheikh Suleiman Al-Rajhi in a speech with the workers of the new expansion project in Al-Watania Poultry.”

He added, “Oh God, preserve him and extend his life to obedience, and bless this endowment that benefits the members of society.”

As for Abu Suleiman Al-Shabrami, he said: “God willing, may God bless him, a blessed man, blessed projects and sustainable development, good, livelihood, giving and development for this blessed country.”

And he added: “Oh Lord, save this man with your protection and livelihood as a blessing in his life and money, O Lord of the Worlds, as far as I know that the project of patriotism is for God Almighty, support him through daily consumption of his production as support for the endowment.”

Who is Sulaiman Al-Rajhi?

He is a Saudi businessman, known for his self-taught, even though he did not inherit a fortune or a wealth based on ancient families, he became one of the wealthy. And made his family name a competitor to the names of wealthy families in his country and the region.

He lived in poverty before he knew wealth and riches, so he preferred to end his life poorly as he started it and donated – while he was in full health – two-thirds of his wealth. He gave it to charitable projects, and the remaining third left it to his children.

Birth and upbringing

Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Saleh Al-Rajhi was born around 1929 in the Al-Bukayriyah region, one of the governorates of the Qassim region in Saudi Arabia.

He was ranked third among his four siblings, who were born into one of the poor Saudi families.

In pursuit of livelihood, the father, Abdulaziz Al-Rajhi, moved to Riyadh with his two sons, Saleh and Abdullah, then returned to Al-Bukayriyah in 1937 to take the rest of the family to stay with him. Al-Rajhi married before he was twenty years old.

Study and training

Sulaiman Al-Rajhi did not enroll in regular schools or educational institutions and chose working life as a school and university. I approached her with awareness and an innate intelligence that took away her lessons, as there is no room for theorizing.

Commercial experience

Since his childhood, Sulaiman Al-Rajhi tended to work and trade, and he was determined and eager to seek a livelihood that would not be late. In trying or learning and benefiting from the experiences of others.

In 1939, he was ten years old and when he passed by the palace of government in Riyadh, he noticed the presence of women on the grounds in the corners of the palace selling butter.

The boy did not hesitate to take one of these angles to carry out a commercial activity he wanted distinct and not compete with these women, so he brought a plate full. Kerosene and began to be sold using an empty bottle as a standard for sale.

The profits reached one or two piasters, and he was not satisfied with that, so he began to diversify the business of selling sweets with kerosene.

Al-Rajhi moved between many professions, working as a porter and guardian of the merchandise of the sellers in the market, and in his spare time he used to track camels. To collect the leftovers that were sold for cooking and heating.

He also worked in construction and other professions that gave him experience with market conditions and familiarity with the methods of dealing and dealing with different groups and mentalities and trade methods.

After his first years of work – in which he tested all kinds of professions, and in 1945 specifically – Al-Rajhi moved to Jeddah. To work within the business of his older brother Saleh. And to be responsible for the business of exchange in Jeddah and Makkah.

The brothers later established a money exchange agency for pilgrims to use. Years later, the brothers joined them. Abdullah and Mohammed Al-Rajhi.

Founded “Al-Rajhi Bank” to be the first Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia and one of the largest Islamic banks in the world.

He owned many companies contributing to the agricultural and industrial development and various food sectors such as poultry and fish. His work was not confined to Saudi Arabia, but rather to Arab countries.

Al-Rajhi was known for his diligence and activism and that he watched every minute of things with passion. His son Muhammad told a Saudi newspaper. That “parent meetings take place at six in the morning.”

Institutionalizing charitable work

Since his youth, Al-Rajhi has been carrying zakat in order to distribute it personally to the homes that are due to it.

During his work, he became acquainted with many of the big businessmen who do a lot of good and do not carry the burden of scarcity and collect money. Rather, they see that the money they have is a gift from God to help those in need, so he takes them as an example to him.

He started by stopping some real estate and lands, then stopping stakes from the companies he owned in specific proportions, so he decided to stop. A third of his wealth is for the sake of God Almighty.

And during the start of the work and organization of legal procedures and after consultations with many scholars and advice, and his desire to draw closer to God. After consulting with his entire family, he decided to distribute his wealth between the endowment charitable trust and his family members during his life.

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What did Sulaiman Al-Rajhi do to become the talk of the Saudis?  A nation is tweeting out of tune