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What do football stars say after the death of the Brazilian legend “Ronaldinho” mother? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Football world stars have tweeted through their social media accounts. After the death of the mother of the famous Brazilian legend “Ronaldinho” at the age of 71 years. Who retired from his football career in the world of 2018. In a surprise to all his fans and lovers in all countries of the world.

He has crossed the superstars of the soccer world. About their deep sadness, after hearing the news of the death of the mother of the Brazilian player “Ronaldinho” through their personal accounts. She passed away last Sunday evening. Affected by the complications of the Coronavirus epidemic, which she contracted at the end of last year. Before announcing her death this week.

Argentine Lionel Messi

He also wrote the Argentine legend, Lionel Messi, 33 years old. Former colleague of Brazilian “Ronaldinho” in the Barcelona team. In his tweet to him on his account in condolences to his friend and mentor. He said: “Rooney (Ronaldinho), I don’t have many words. I do not believe that. But I send my condolences to you and your family, I am sorry .. !! May your mother rest in peace. ”

Samba player Neymar

The French Paris Saint-Germain star and former Barcelona player, Neymar Junior, 29 years old, tweeted through his account on the “Instagram” platform through my stories. By taking a picture of the mother of his legendary compatriot “Ronaldinho”, commenting on her. By saying: “Be strong, Ronnie. I am very sorry for this sad news. ”

Real player Vinicius

The skilled player also participated in the injured Real Madrid team in the current period, “Vinicius Junior”, 20 years. With a picture on his account on the Instagram platform, he was reunited with the Brazilian “Ronaldinho”. It supports the player and offers condolences to him after the death of his mother.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

And the official account of the Barcelona team, Spain, tweeted. Via the “Twitter” platform. He also shared a picture of the legendary Brazilian player “Ronaldinho”, who made individual achievements for himself and the team within him. Accompanied by his deceased mother, offering condolences and sympathy to him.

Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain also tweeted that the Brazilian “Ronaldinho” played during his football career before retiring from the world of football. Through a post offering condolences and support to the player. He shared a picture of him wearing a Paris Saint-Germain shirt and greeting the fans and fans of the club. In one of the matches he participated in with the French team.

Ronaldinho tweeted

He wrote the Brazilian legend “Ronaldinho”. Posted in his personal account on the “Twitter” platform. In mid-December with the end of 2020. In it, he confirms that his mother was infected with the Corona virus. And she is in intensive care inside the hospital. Asking his fans and followers to pray and cure her from this disease.

As his fans and fans interacted. Balikakat sad in its time. With the Brazilian player. Wishing his mother a cure and recovery from the Coronavirus epidemic. By commenting on his post, which exceeded 34 thousand comments on it.

The Brazilian player did not publish the news of his mother’s death. Despite this publication and as reported by the Brazilian media and newspapers. Last Sunday. Confirming the death of “Ronaldinho” mother at the age of 71 years. Affected by the Corona virus epidemic.

The decision to retire

It also surprised fans and fans of the Brazilian player “Ronaldinho”. The news of his announcement of stopping his professional career at the age of thirty-seven at the time in 2018, after a busy march of achievements and titles for the clubs in which he played, most notably Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Italy and other clubs.

The player witnessed with his advanced age and lack of commitment to the standard required for him. To decide to retire to the world of football. In contrast to the stars Cristiano Ronaldo and the Swedish Sultan “Ibra Himo Fitch” who give good performances to them.

Despite the age of both players. So is the Italian goalkeeper, Buffon, who is 43 years old. Juventus goalkeeper.

Buffon and Ronaldo

He also did not decide to retire. Despite the pain that the player suffers in his back. But he still shines in the football world to this day. With his long experience. As well as Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos, the savior of the royal team. Who is suffering from the infection at the moment. He was also absent from the stadiums in the domestic league and the European Champions League.

The brother of the Brazilian star and his agent, Roberto, said in a press statement published at the time by the Brazilian website “O Globo”. He said, “He decided to stop, and he does not want to play again at the professional level.”

The first club that bid him farewell

As Barcelona and Milan were the first to bid farewell to the Brazilian star, as the first wrote on his official account on the Twitter site for social networking, “The always laughing Camp Nou magician.

And thanks for all you did, ”followed by the“ Rossoneri ”with a tweet,“ The person who impressed San Siro and every football fan has resigned. Besides many other European clubs.

Winning titles

And the Brazilian player “Ronaldinho” has won many titles over the course of his professional career in the world of football with the clubs and teams that played in its ranks. Such as the Copa America in 1999, the World Cup in 2002 and the European Champions League in 2006.

He also won the Copa Libertadores 2013 and Recoba Sudamericana in 2014. While he won the Golden Ball for the best player in the world in 2005 during his time with Barcelona.

To begin his professional career, little by little. Then comes the decision to retire from football. To join football legends. Departed Ronaldo, Brazilian. As and his compatriot Pele. As well as the late and legendary Argentinian football Maradona.

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