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What does the message Biden sent to Mohammed bin Salman mean? A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The United States is returning to the usual protocol in bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia, after the recent White House announcement in this regard. According to an article for the Russian newspaper “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”.

The Russian newspaper published an article under the title “The United States indicates the Saudi crown prince where he isBy Igor Sobotin. In it, he talked about the Biden administration’s preference for communicating with King Salman rather than his crown prince.

She indicated that the White House press office made it clear that the American leader intends to talk mainly with King Salman and not with his son. Crown Prince Mohammed. Who resembles the de facto ruler of the country and is considered the author of most of the kingdom’s oppressive initiatives.

According to the newspaper, former President Donald Trump had developed informal close relations with the Saudi crown prince. And made the kingdom one of the central elements of his policy in the Middle East.

The prince hid many decisions from his father

According to the newspaper, according to some sources, the crown prince did not even inform his father about many Decisions Taken in coordination with the United States.

In a conversation with Bloomberg, Aaron David Miller, who has worked as a Middle East settlement advisor for a number of foreign ministers, said. The recent White House statements indicate the return of relations between Washington and Riyadh to “orderly and routine channels.”

The former diplomat concluded, “This is an attempt to besiege Mohammed bin Salman, whom the administration considers reckless and ruthless.”

A White House spokesman, who was not named by the agency, also indicated that Psaki’s statements indicate that the United States is returning to the healthy diplomatic process in contacts with Middle Eastern players.

How does Mohammed bin Salman explain that?

According to the Russian newspaper, the question remains, how will Crown Prince Muhammad himself explain the issue.

The writer added: “What can be said with certainty is that they will try to block the road to bin Salman’s attempts to use informal communication channels in Covenant Biden ”.

The date of the conversation between Biden and Saudi Arabia

In the context, the American “CNN” network said that the White House spokeswoman’s statements regarding the exact date of the conversation between President Joe Biden and the Saudi monarch were a “heavy blow” to the Saudi crown prince.

According to the network, whether it was a return to commitment to a strict protocol, or an intentional step, to arrange and place Mohammed bin Salman, this step reflects Biden’s public rejection of the “ruler.”

The network pointed out that Biden promised during his election campaign to make Saudi Arabia a “pariah”.

She noted the recent statements of the Head of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, that she will publish a report on the “brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.”

The end of the intimacy

The network says: “Diplomatically, Psaki refers to the end of the intimate relationship that Mohammed bin Salman enjoyed during the era of former President Donald Trump. The Saudi prince has often bypassed the State Department through phone calls with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and special adviser on Middle East affairs. According to the network.

The network indicated that the public bypassing of Mohammed bin Salman by the new US officials is an embarrassing matter that the Saudi Crown Prince cannot hide.

The network added, “But this does not mean that he will not participate in Biden’s calls with the king, especially since the prince is the de facto ruler of the country and has strong influence.”

The potential power of the monarchy

The network pointed out that Mohammed bin Salman is the inherent force in the monarchy and the vision that shapes the country’s future.

She added: “Assuming that Mohammed bin Salman will not know what Biden will say to the king or not to participate will be tantamount to diminishing his influence.”

On the other hand, several Saudi sources recently indicated that the long-term US-Saudi relations are all still good. After expectations indicated by Saudi observers that perhaps there will be some difficulties in relations once Biden arrives at the White House, but they expect to recover after that.

King Salman peer Joe Biden

Earlier, a White House spokeswoman confirmed that the new US president, Joe Biden, would not speak at all with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“The counterpart of President Biden in Saudi Arabia is,” White House spokeswoman Gene Saki said in a press briefing. King Salman bin Abdulaziz. ”

This is a confirmation from the White House that Biden will never speak with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

This is one of the strongest blows directed by the new US president to the Saudi crown prince.

Reset relations with Saudi Arabia

Saki explained that President Joe Biden’s administration will work to reset relations with Saudi Arabia. Indicating that the president will soon communicate with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

However, she added, “However, that will not be before his contact with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, which will be opened. It has its contacts as the “first ally” in the region.

“Israel is an ally, of course,” Saki said. Israel is a country with which we have an important strategic security relationship, and our team is fully involved. Not at the level of presidents yet, but it will happen very soon. ”

Saki said Saudi Arabia has urgent needs to defend itself, and the United States will work with the Saudis on this. “Even as we clarify our points of difference and our concerns. This is definitely different from the previous administration. ”

U.S. State Department clarification

The State Department’s explanation came after there was increasing talk in Washington about President Biden, who had contacted most of the leaderships. So far, the world has deliberately delayed his address with Netanyahu as an expression of the extent of “personal alienation” between them.

Messages of Mohammed bin Salman

Bin Salman tried to send several messages to Biden during the last period, but it seems that these did not help him.

As for when Biden will call King Salman, the spokeswoman replied, “Biden will talk to him at the appropriate time.

It is noteworthy that Bin Salman enjoyed very close relations with former US President Donald Trump.

During Trump’s term, many contacts and meetings took place between them, but today things have changed completely.

Biden had vowed during his presidential campaign to hold Bin Salman accountable for his crimes in Saudi Arabia, including the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Saudi site

Earlier, a report by The Guardian Nigeria newspaper reviewed the location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the eyes of the United States of America in a short time.

The newspaper pointed out how the Kingdom transformed from an ally under former US President Donald Trump, in addition to a security partner with a covenant President Current Joe Biden.

The newspaper quoted observers as saying that the change of tone showed that Washington is moving away from Trump’s business relationship with it while arms sales are declining.

The Biden administration froze a few days after it received huge arms deals to the Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates because of their war on Yemen.

The newspaper said: “In a setback for the kingdom, Biden recently stopped support for Saudi offensive operations in the grinding conflict in Yemen.

She noted the impact of Biden’s arrival at the house, the conditions, on the conditions in Saudi Arabia.

She pointed out that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman began to “reset his policies” towards Washington since Biden took office.

The newspaper added that, under a new American glare, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is rushing to release some political prisoners.

Loujain Al-Hathloul

She pointed to the release of some political prisoners, including the activist Loujain al-Hathloul, in reference to Biden.

These moves were not limited to internal affairs, but rather made a change in dealing with its regional opponents, according to the newspaper.

It warned to lift the blockade on Qatar, as it ended a crisis that lasted more than three and a half years.

The newspaper indicated that Saudi Arabia is currently keen on a breakthrough with Turkey after a dispute over the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul in 2018.

And it considered that these steps from Saudi Arabia came in an attempt to clean up its work as it prepares to reset the policy in Washington.

The newspaper drew attention to the previous pledge by US President Joe Biden during his election campaign to make the kingdom a “pariah”.

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