What happened to announcer Ali Al-Dhafiri ?! .. Will he be released from prison and return to Al-Jazeera! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Tweeters and activists raised a question about the fate of the former Saudi journalist, Al-Jazeera broadcaster, Ali Al-Dhafiri, after the Gulf reconciliation agreement.

Saudi opposition activist Alia Al Huwaiti wrote: “Will we see him soon on Al Jazeera !! Will he be released from prison after being sentenced to 5 years on charges of collaborating with Qatar?

The Mauritanian researcher, Muhammad Al-Mukhtar Al-Shanqeeti, also commented: “I missed – as I missed many – the honorable brother, dear friend and brilliant journalist, Ali Al-Dhafiri. May the Saudi-Qatari reconciliation be the beginning of his return to the Al-Jazeera screen with his glorious look, while he says with a smile on the top of his program: “Welcome, you are welcome.”

As for Qatari Sheikha Maryam Al-Thani, she wished Ali Al-Dhafiri’s return to Al-Jazeera.

Ali Al-Dhafiri is under house arrest

Ali Al-Dhafiri (41 years) left for Saudi Arabia in June 2017, days after announcing the blockade of Qatar, based on a summons he received from the authorities there with the aim of “dialogue with him.”

After entering Saudi Arabia, “Al-Dhafiri” was able to inform close ones that he was under house arrest.

After a break in contact with all his acquaintances in Doha for days, a tweet was broadcast on his Twitter account, on the 22nd of June, announcing his resignation from Al-Jazeera.

In that tweet attributed to “Al-Dhafiri”, it was stated: “Obedience to God and the rulers of the matter.

“Severe pressure”

Sources said at the time that Al-Dhafiri submitted his resignation after coming under severe pressure from the Saudi authorities. It is likely that the man was forced to hand over the password for his Twitter account to security services.

The Saudi newspaper, Al-Watan, published an article entitled “The Kingdom First and Last,” and said that “Al-Dhafiri” wrote it. The article included an attack on all countries and groups in the region, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

Two hours after the article was published, Al-Dhafiri submitted his resignation via Twitter. The article was later deleted, before it was republished under the name of the writer Hadi Al-Yami.

There were reports that this article was written in his name during his detention.

After that, sources revealed that “Al Dhafiri” had returned to Kuwait, where his family resides.

Saudi analysts return to the island screen

After the reconciliation agreement was announced at the Al-Ula Summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a number of Saudi analysts appeared for the first time on Al-Jazeera TV, after they boycotted the channel during the years of the siege.

It is noteworthy that the closure of the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel was one of the 13 conditions that the blockading countries set for Qatar to end its blockade, which was rejected by Doha and considered interference in its internal affairs.

Check out the details with us in this video story produced by “Watan”:

The American “Washington Post” newspaper quoted a Trump administration official familiar with the scenes of the reconciliation agreement negotiations as saying that the quartet of blockading countries had agreed to abandon the list of 13 conditions.

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