What happened to the Kuwaiti resident actress Shaima Ali after this shocking scene ?! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Iranian actress residing in Kuwait, Shaima Ali, surprised her fans with a shocking appearance on the hospital bed, unable to speak and move.

In the video she posted, Shaima appeared to reassure her audience, with a swollen face and blue bruises covering her eyes, and speaking with difficulty.

Shaima said: “I would like to reassure you, I am fine, and thank you to everyone who asked about me, but I am now unable to talk. Let me understand what happened, and I will tell you about it, but I am tired of anesthesia.”

“Imitation of Dr. Kholoud”

Activists initially believed that Shaima had an accident, while others attacked her, believing that her addiction to plastic surgery prompted her to have a new plastic surgery, imitating Dr. Kholoud.

“Mai Al-Aidan makes it happen.”

The Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, decided the matter when she published a picture of Shaima, who is on the bed of illness, and commented: “Salamat Shaima Ali, my beloved, has finally flattened the sinus operation after years of suffering. You will not see evil, Umm Ahmad.”

Who is Shaima Ali?

It is noteworthy that Shaima Ali is half Kuwaiti, her father is Iranian, and her mother is Kuwaiti, and the series “Jarrah Al-Zaman” was its first artistic release in 2001.

In 2015, Shaima Ali announced her retirement from art after her marriage contract, then she retreated and returned in the Ramadan drama season for the year 2017 with the series “Rummana”.

Last year, Shaima Ali participated in the series “Hali’s Paradise” and “In the Shadow Memory.”