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In the press conference, as usual, before the Real Madrid team faced its new rival Celta Vigo in the opening matches of the 28th week of the Spanish League this season.

After Zinedine Zidane on the Champions League draw, and his team faced a fiery confrontation in the quarter-finals against rival Liverpool, England. In the rehabilitation match that the match carries between both teams.

A difficult match

“We must not forget what we did,” Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said. “We want to keep doing things well. As a team above all, it will be a difficult match in Figo, we will strive to achieve good things.”

Zidane also added, saying: “We know the difficulties ahead against Liverpool, all the teams present in this role are good and very difficult, it will be a difficult match. We know that Liverpool on the physical level will cause a lot of trouble.”

Playing in a neutral stadium against Liverpool

Coach Zidane explained that he does not know what will happen until the end of the month with the team, adding: “We will play wherever they tell us, and we prefer to play at Di Stefano, but we will see what will happen later.”

The Champions League draw

And coach Zidane added, “We cannot say it is bad or good, you can see how Liverpool play in the English Premier League, but in these knockout matches they can do more, they are like us.”

Zidane adds, “I am lucky that I was able to play and train at this club. I enjoy every day what I do, I will not be able to change anything from what is said, so I will enjoy every day as a coach for Real Madrid.”

He also continued, “Every year when reaching the decisive stages, the match schedule becomes more difficult, I do not care about that, all I have to do is work day to day and this is what motivates us, we are still alive in the competitions.”

Only Real Madrid qualified for the quarter-finals

Zinedine also answered his question that he is the Spanish team present in the Champions League quarter-final competitions, saying: “It is just a coincidence, all Spanish clubs are very good, the situation will not change, the Spaniards will be present again in the next few years.”

The competition for the League and Champions

He continued, “Everything will be complicated, but we must not look far. We will prepare day after day. We will continue to work hard because we are still alive in the competition.”

Continue to Real Madrid

Zian explained by saying about leaving Real Madrid, saying: “I do not plan for anything, and I do not think about the future. You can sign here for 10 years, but the next day you leave, and vice versa.”

Leave the club

And earlier Spanish reports indicated the desire of the French Real Madrid coach of Algerian origin, Zinedine Zidane, 48. Leave the Royal Club of Spain at the end of the current season.

Spanish reports confirmed that the French Football Association had given coach Zidane the task of leading the French “roosters” team in the corresponding World Cup 2022 AD.

Which is to be held in the State of Qatar. It will also be commissioned officially after the next Euro Championship.

Skipping former coach Bosque

Zidane has also surpassed the coaching legend of Real Madrid, the former Spanish “Del Bosque”, for 70 years. The last match between Elche and Real Madrid in the Spanish league carried the 247th for coach Zidane.

Where he won 162 games and drawn 50 games, while he lost 35 games since he led the Spanish royal coach.

The Frenchman “Zizou” has become the second largest coach to lead the team in matches and provide new results in the team. He surpassed the number of the former Spanish national team coach, “Del Bosque”, who managed to reach 246 games while coaching Real Madrid.

Top of the training list with Real

He is also the most coach of Real Madrid. The late Spanish “Miguel Muñoz”, who died on the 16th of July 1990 AD. At the age of 68 years. After a long career in the world of football tournament. With a score of 605 matches.

Zidane’s matches with Real

As came the matches of the French coach Zidane. As follows: (172) matches in the Spanish League. (48) matches in the European Champions League, while he played with the team in the Copa del Rey (16) games.

Coronation with titles

His matches in the Spanish Super Cup came (5) matches. And the Club World Cup (4) matches. In addition to his participation in the European Super Cup two games.

The next Champions League match

The Spanish “royal” Real Madrid team is scheduled to play the first leg on the sixth of April. Inside his home stadium, “Alfredo Di Stefano”.

While the return match will take place on the thirteenth day of the same month, at the “Anfield” stadium, the stronghold of the Liverpool “Reds” team. In a match that brings power and excitement to the fans and fans of both teams.

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