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The secret police in Tunisia stormed the Tunisian Translation Company and confiscated all its contents, including computers, and forced its employees to come for interrogation.

One of the company’s employees told Middle East Monitor that they asked him and the company’s employees to come to investigate, adding: “We were standing in long queues for ten hours over three days.”

The company’s founder, Haitham Kahil, said that the police did not find a single evidence, and instead accused the company of money laundering, conspiracy to overthrow the government and other trumped-up charges.

Over the course of more than a week, he added, more than sixty current and former employees were summoned for interrogation without permission or interrogation notes from the competent authorities, and lawyers were also prevented from attending even though the company has qualified lawyers.

What is the relationship of Muhammad Dahlan?!

He said: “We were greatly shocked during the investigation about the content that the company had published in the Arab Media Foundation and its attack on the personality of Muhammad Dahlan, who works as a consultant in the United Arab Emirates and is known as the godfather of the normalization process with Israel in the Middle East.”

“The most dangerous thing is that it did what it did under the guise of defending the President of the Tunisian Republic,” he added.

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He continued that the company employs more than 90 Prime Time Zone who work with international media organizations, adding: “Our company operates with a high level of transparency and discipline regarding the rules of good practice.”

He revealed that “more than 3 months of wiretapping, secret pursuits, raids and investigations outside the framework of the law, have not led to anything at all.”

The company held the Presidency of the Tunisian Republic fully responsible for the physical safety of all its employees, all collaborators and their families.

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