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The quick and surprise visit of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the actual ruler of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, to Egypt today, Saturday, and his meeting with the President of the regime, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, raised questions and doubts among many activists about the nature of this visit and the purpose behind it.

According to what Egyptian media announced, Ibn Zayed arrived at Cairo Airport today, Saturday, and Al-Sisi received him at the airport.

This news was reported to the media by Ambassador Bassam Rady, the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic.

Recent reports have revealed strained relations between Egypt and the UAE, due to the suspicious role of bin Zayed in supporting Ethiopia over the Renaissance Dam file.

What is the reason for this quick visit ?!

Dr. Fatima Al-Wahsh commented on this surprise visit, asking: “Did Ibn Zayed’s quick and surprise visit to Sisi to take protective measures for Netanyahu after the Jerusalem uprising?”

For one of her followers to respond to her, expressing his opinion on this visit: “On the contrary, the goal is likely to be the growing rapprochement between Egypt and Turkey, as well as acquitting itself from the clear and supportive role of Ethiopia in the Renaissance Dam.”

An activist on behalf of Muhammad al-Arabi stressed that Egypt’s rapprochement with Turkey is what worries Ibn Zayed.

This is without an account in the name of Abu Anas, which reads: “Al-Sisi receives Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, at Cairo Airport. What is the meaning of this visit?”

He continued his questions: “How many days does Sisi meet with the President of the Jewish Congress and then receive Ibn Zayed, I don’t need an analysis.”

For his part, the famous singer Boughanim said: From the other and without turning around .. as long as Mohammed bin Zayed went to Sisi’s right, and in Ramadan .. 100% made sure that he saw them very soon.

Ibn Zayed and the Renaissance Dam

“Al-Araby Al-Jadeed” website quoted informed sources who had prior knowledge of this visit, that there is a strong link between bin Zayed’s upcoming visit to Cairo and the recent initiative announced by the UAE to resolve the issue of the Renaissance Dam, which Egypt and Sudan had reservations about, last month.

Then the Sudanese Minister of Irrigation, Yasser Abbas, returned today to talk about some of its features, indicating the possibility of converting the dam into a joint investment between the three countries after pumping funds from the UAE, the European Union and the World Bank.

The sources stated that the talks would also cover the Libyan issue, the development of the Egyptian-Turkish relations, and the Emirati investments in Egypt.

During the past month, the UAE made secret efforts to convince Egypt and Sudan of non-radical technical solutions that would enable Ethiopia in all cases to fill the second filling of the dam, and achieve a temporary state of non-harm to Sudan and Egypt, which ends with the end of the current flood period, with no final and binding agreement for all parties that sets Restrictions on future Ethiopian behavior, but Cairo was able to win over Khartoum and recently announced its rejection of these solutions, the most prominent of which was the sufficiency of exchanging information.

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The disagreement between Egypt and the UAE regarding this file is still not made public, but the clear indications of tension have had introductions at various levels over the past two years, which have witnessed a muffled tension and attraction between Cairo and Abu Dhabi on many political and economic backgrounds.

The most prominent of which was the disagreement over the way to deal with the Libyan file, in which the Egyptians came to see that the Emirati positions have implicated them for years without success, and the Emirati investors have withdrawn from many projects, especially in the new administrative capital.

As well as withdrawing investments that they had previously promised or slowing down in their development, under the pretext of Egyptian mismanagement of them.

The inaction of the Emirates

Finally, the UAE’s failure to extend a helping hand to Egypt in the recent Corona crisis, with the apparent slowdown in sending vaccines, and the escalation of talk about cooperation with the Israeli occupation entity to implement logistical development projects that will negatively affect the Egyptian components, the most important of which is the Suez Canal.

And all this despite the veneer that envelops this file from the exchange of expressions of love and pride between Sisi and Mohammed bin Zayed, and the continuous contacts and consultations in all the files.

The UAE tried to overcome the state of tension with Cairo, in the media, through an intense propaganda policy through the media, which is owned by it, for the benefit of Sisi, promoting his achievements and attacking his opponents.

In a way that could be more extreme than the local Egyptian media themselves, but this policy – which was evident in the exaggerated celebrations in the Emirati channels of the end of the Suez Canal crisis – fails to hide the true trends of the Emirates.

But at the same time; These means play a different role by spreading news and rumors that specifically try to disrupt the Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement, and refocus on points of disagreement, at a time when Cairo and Ankara are keen more than ever to make progress in the negotiations.

The evidence for that is the joint announcement of the phone call between the foreign ministers of the two countries this week, and the cessation of some programs opposing the Egyptian regime on channels broadcasting from Ankara and Istanbul.

The UAE is also one of the largest international investors in Egypt. During the fiscal year 2019-2020, the UAE’s investments in Egypt amounted to about $ 1.61 billion.

“Shifa Al-Afari” explained the reason for Egypt not expressing its support for the Emirati initiative so far, saying: “Egypt is afraid that Ethiopia will appear again, other than what is hidden.”

He said, “Cairo insisted on the mediation of the Quartet, which includes the African Union, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations.”

He continued: “Egypt has sought through this to embarrass Ethiopia in front of the world and to obtain the right to defend itself, even if through military intervention.”

On 20 March, Ethiopia rejected the proposal of Egypt and Sudan to resort to the International Quartet in the “Grand Prix Dam” crisis. Addis Ababa plans to start the second phase of filling the dam reservoir in July.

Al-Afari said, “Egypt is currently conducting consultations and discussions with the UAE, hoping to reach a compromise formula.”

He continued: “Egypt is afraid to announce its support for the initiative, and then it will fail after that, like previous initiatives. But it also appears that the unannounced terms of the initiative made the Egyptian authorities extremely skeptical about it.

He added, “Egypt is well aware of the value of time and does not want to waste any more time after 10 years of fruitless negotiations.”

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