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Miss Lebanon Maya Raidy was criticized for her dress that she appeared in at the EMI Gala Festival in Dubai, UAE.

Miss Lebanon in a strange dress: I felt like the sun

Miss Lebanon Maya Raidy wore a yellow dress signed by Michael Cinco, with a strange and huge design that her followers saw that it did not suit her and she was not successful in choosing it, while the dress revealed her chest in a scandalous manner.

Maya Raidy attached her photos, which she published while wearing the dress through her account on (Instagram), with a comment in which she said: (Moments before the live broadcast! It was a great experience to be the main host in these years, EMIGALAtheemigala).

And Miss Lebanon continued: (presenting the show and sharing the stage while honoring the past nights from all over the Middle East and the world who are pioneers in their fields of specialization was an excitement not to be missed, congratulations to all of you!).

Miss Lebanon Raidy praised fashion designer Michael Cinco and said: (I felt like the sun, thank you).

Maya Raidy’s boldness in the summer

And last month, Maya Raidy also sparked controversy among her followers after her bold appearance in one of her photo sessions.

At the time, Maya Raidy published a group of photos through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared wearing a blue swimsuit and based on an old pink car, and commented: (In another place).

Most of Maya Raidy’s followers considered that her pictures exaggerated her boldness, especially since it was not the first time that she raised controversy with her pictures on social media.

Tourism promotion

The Lebanese did not forget the clothes that Maya Raidy wore while inside the National Museum under the pretext of encouraging tourism in her country.

Maya Raidy appeared in the pictures that she published via (Instagram) at the time, while she was inside the National Museum in Beirut, and she was wearing a gray dress that revealed more than what covered her body, and highlighted her buttocks in a scandalous way.

Maya Raidy commented on the photos, saying: (Since I was young, the National Museum has a great place in my heart. My goal is to shed light on the cultural richness of Lebanon, and to participate in the transmission of this culture to the younger generations.”

Maya Raidy aroused the indignation of the Lebanese, who said that her behavior perpetuated the stereotyped image of tourism in Lebanon without reflecting the cultural and historical value of the place.

Maya Raidy also returned to stir controversy again through social networking sites, after posting another bold picture on (Instagram) in which she appeared wearing only a bathrobe, and standing in front of the mirror to take the picture she posted without comment.

Echo of stadiums turned into a dance hall

And last February, Maya appeared with the journalist Mustafa Al-Agha, presenter of the program (Echo of the stadiums) on the Saudi network (MBC).

The duo sparked widespread anger at the time, after they converted the studio into a dance hall, where Raidy appeared. She is dancing and swaying with the Syrian singer Wissam Hilal.

The Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adraee, took advantage of Raidi’s coronation in 2018, as Miss Lebanon, to send a message against the Lebanese Hezbollah at the time.

Adraee wrote on his Twitter account at the time: (Congratulations to Miss Lebanon Maya Raidy).

Adraee added at the time: (I appeal to Maya to start peace in Lebanon, and to join her voice to those who demand the removal of Hezbollah equipment and missiles from residential places, especially from places that add international visitors such as Hariri International Airport in Beirut).

The crisis of Rima Fakih and Maya Raidy

In another context, Maya Raidy, her compatriot, former Miss USA of Lebanese origin, Rima Fakih, who was represented in the Miss Universe contest, as her official representative, accused her of being responsible for the crisis she faced in the contest and her failure to qualify for the advanced stages.

Raidy said that the reason she was not qualified at that time was due to her work team headed by Rima Fakih, who accused her of not performing her duty as required.

Maya added at the time, in an interview on the “House of All” program, presented by Adel Karam on MTV, that one of the competition organizers confirmed to her the failure of Rima Fakih, explaining that she tried several times to contact her to inquire about the matter, but she was unsuccessful because she did not answer. on her contacts.

And she continued: (I did not receive any directive from National Director Rima Fakih, who did not attend the Miss Universe election ceremony, until a day before the elections, and therefore Lebanon was not officially represented in the eyes of the Miss Universe Committee).

Maya Raidy

It is worth noting that Maya Raidy won the title of Miss Lebanon in 2018, and due to the political turmoil caused by the protests, Lebanon was unable to organize the annual competition to choose the beauty queen in it in 2019.

In 2020, the Corona pandemic, the economic situation and the explosion that occurred in the port of Beirut on the fourth of August prevented the organization of the competition itself. Accordingly, Maya (25 years) became the title and his duties for the third year in a row, but she moved to live in Dubai.

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