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The Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo’s concert, after a two-year absence from the stage, caused him to stop dealing with a decision by the Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt.

(Lord, I am at your door)!

This happened after Marwan Pablo introduced the Palestinian rappers (Al-Nazer) and (Sheb Jadeed), and the latter thanked Pablo by singing Ibtihal (Mawlay) to the Naqshbandi with changing the word (Mawlay) to become (Marwan I in your door).

This angered the Egyptian Syndicate of Musical Professions, which issued a statement banning dealing with Pablo, stressing that he is not a member of the syndicate.

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In its statement, the musical professions indicated that Pablo was seeking to obtain a one-day permit, and the competent authorities and contractors were notified of the decision.

insult and vulgarity

The union accused Pablo of underestimating a religious supplication that carries spiritual meanings and lofty values ​​among the Egyptians, and he emptied it of its moral content with vulgarity, making it as if it were about the same performer, according to the syndicate’s statement.

And the statement continued: (The video dealt with words that deviated from all good morals and traditions, which disappointed the Egyptians).

Marwan Pablo apologizes

For his part, the Egyptian rapper apologized for the error and wrote a post on his official page in (Instagram), in which he said: (Praise be to God, whose good grace takes place, Tawfiq our Lord was the first reason for what happened, we were Sold Out yesterday (the concert tickets ran out yesterday). I apologize for any mistakes that occurred yesterday.)

Marwan had celebrated yesterday evening, Saturday, at Al-Manara Center Arena in New Cairo, his return to singing, a year after his decision to retire. Two days).

The concert witnessed a large crowd of 20,000 Prime Time Zone, and all tickets were sold out.

the forest

Pablo surprised his fans by returning to singing again, 11 months after he announced his repentance and retirement.

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At that time, the name of the Egyptian rapper Pablo topped the search engines via “Google” and the first trend in “Twitter” in Egypt, by launching a new song called “The Forest”, which nearly achieved 2 million views in less than 12 hours.

Pablo had announced his retirement last March, despite the great success he achieved in the songs of “Under Ground”, and he mentioned in a message to his fans at the time through his official account on “Instagram” that he stopped singing officially, after he finished the concerts that he actually signed.

“I hope that God will accept my repentance.”

Marwan Pablo wrote: “I will stop the music for personal reasons, thanks to all the Prime Time Zone who supported me, and the last thing you will see me in is the agreed concert, and after the parties are over, I will not be there.”

Marwan added: “I hope none of you ask me to go back again, I am currently repenting to God and I hope that God will accept it from me.”

And he continued, “I wish anyone who heard me and believed me would be like me too, and may God forgive me, guide me, prove me and forgive me, and the subject is not negotiable, thank you for your understanding.”

Delete the songs of Marwan Pablo

At that time, Marwan Pablo deleted many of his songs and clips from his YouTube channel, which he started two years ago, with an estimated 551,000 subscribers.

It is noteworthy that Marwan Pablo was born in 1996 in Alexandria, and entered the world of “under ground” songs or free music and rap in 2015 with another name, “Dama Rap”.

At the time, Marwan Pablo was presenting “rap” songs on social networking sites at intervals, and he was able to become a base of fans.

Previous disappearance of Marouane Pablo

Marwan Pablo disappeared after two years, and suddenly reappeared in 2017 with a song called “The Cover – Osiris”, which achieved great success and was the spark of his launch.

Marwan Pablo collaborated with the most famous DJ in the world of Underground, known as “Sadat”, and together produced a number of famous rap songs such as “Sinbad” and “Abu Makka”.

One million pounds for one party

In 2019, the name of Marwan Pablo began to be popular in all musical circles, after he was known only in the area of ​​underground music because of his songs “Gemmaze”, which is an icon of his success, and the reason for raising his party wages, which amounted to one million pounds per concert.

Marwan Pablo has always produced his own songs since his debut, but after “Gemiza”, which is his first collaboration with the well-known DJ “Molotov”, the cooperation between them became permanent.

Together, they released two songs, “Cass” and “Jeep Money”, before Marwan Pablo decided to repent and retire, and then suddenly appeared again.

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