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No sooner had Kuwaitis woken up from the shock of Sabah Al-Salem’s crime, until they found themselves in a new story whose heroine is still Anfal Al-Shammari in danger, as social networking sites buzzed with the hashtag (Save Anfal), and (Anfal is in danger).

According to activists, the story belongs to a Bidoon girl named Anfal Al-Shammari, who posted a tweet on April 21, saying: (Who knows someone at Sabah Al-Salem police station protects me?).

Although the tweet is old, the activists retweeted it, attaching their tweets to the developments with Anfal Al-Shammari.

Kuwaiti lawyer Dalal Al-Musallam published the details of the message she received from one of her followers, and said: (There is a girl without her name, Anfal Al-Shammari, who has just graduated with 98%, and a girl with great respect, fear of God and very religious).

And she continued: (The girl, her father was an addict, he killed her mother and I think her sister, and imprisoned a year and was born, and her aunt Sabiha and Madari who of her family threatened to kill her in Ramadan).

The follow-up indicated that after the case of Farah Akbar’s murder, Anfal tweeted her family’s names and reminded Prime Time Zone of her case, adding: (They kept silent about her at the Sabah Al-Salem police station, and said, “If you come, we will slaughter you in front of the police station.”)

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And she continued: (The girl disappeared from Twitter, and it is said that her aunt Sabiha entered psychiatry in order to drop the cases brought by Anfal).

Anfal Al-Shammari.. her mother was killed in front of her

The follow-up, whose identity was not clear, clarified that Anfal said that the mental illness she suffered was due to the physical violence she was subjected to, and because her mother and five sisters were killed in front of her.

And she continued: (She also has a serious organic disease that she was not able to pay for, and she builds her case honestly).

Thousands interacted with the Anfal case through the hashtag that tops the Gulf countries, and activists circulated other tweets about it, one of which stated: (Kuwait always protects the killer, all my sisters have been killed, I give you the names of the killers).

Anfal in a previous tweet: Kuwait protects the killer

Anfal enumerated the names of her uncles and aunt, whom she wrote about: (The patient who is currently threatening us is Sabiha Khalif Al-Shammari, Kuwait refuses to protect the threatened abused girls, Kuwait is only with the killer).

In another tweet, Anfal wrote: (My mother was killed, no one knows about her. It is all a hashtag for one day and it disappears. Yesterday, I published the names of the killers, my uncles, their children, and my parents, and there was a great interaction.

Tweeters demanded that Anfal’s fate be revealed and protected, so an activist wrote: (Kuwait has become Mexico!! What terrorism has become unnatural for us! I don’t rule out that I will be slaughtered tomorrow, and no one knows and do not take my case into account. What is this farce? Help Anfal and you will not be the one million victim this month! His family was killed and you do not care about him and his situation!! Otherwise, his debt will be sold for money!).

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Lawyer Mutlaq Al-Muqain wrote, addressing his words to the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait: (The Ministry of Interior must take measures against the circumstances of the Anfal incident, summon the parties and refer them to the investigation authorities to deter those who intimidate and threaten Prime Time Zone. People’s reputation for false reporting.

Sarah Al-Najdi said: (Imagine with me that he is the only one we have learned about!! You think how much they are alone, we don’t know about it. May God relieve their anguish, strengthen them, protect them and have mercy on those who died among them).

Another noted that the fact that Anfal is a Bidoon, this makes the matter more complicated, and wrote: (Because she is a woman, there is no supporter for her, and without also, this is another calamity. ).

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And the tweeters did another hashtag entitled (Where is Anfal) after the girl’s disappearance, and lawyer Ghazlan Al-Dhafiri wrote through it: (Her sister did not reply to the account, it was almost canceled and my messages did not deliver to her.

Badr Al-Hajri called for those involved to be held accountable and wrote: (Every person involved in Anfal’s disappearance or her admission to psychiatry without psychological symptoms must be held accountable).

And she wrote a tweet in the name of (Feminist Samia), addressing her speech to the ministry and a number of lawyers: (Anfal has been hidden from Jem Yom and Mandri, is she in psychiatry or not, is she okay? And today’s talk came out that she died!).

There has been no official comment from the official authorities yet on the issue of Anfal’s disappearance and her fate, which is still unknown until now.

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