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What is the story of the “Oman era” hashtag, which has been on the rise in the Sultanate within a few hours A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A new hashtag has been issued for the wife of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, Mrs. Ahed bint Abdullah Al Busaidia, the list of most frequently used hashtags on the Sultanate’s Twitter, celebrating the appearance of the Sultan’s last wife.

After the hashtag was issued yesterday, today a new hashtag entitled “The Oman Covenant” was issued. List of most popular hashtags in Oman.

Omanis have transferred the tag for an electronic demonstration to celebrate The last look of Mrs. Ahed Al Busaidia.

Dr. Badriya Al-Wahaibi, president of the Omani Cultural Salon and former vice president of the Omani Women Association in Muscat, suggested. By participating in the tag, the image of Mrs. Ahed bint Abdullah was placed in all schools in the Sultanate.

And she wrote: “I suggest adding and posting the image of the venerable Lady Ahed, wife of His Majesty Sultan Haitham, in all schools of the Sultanate in appreciation of the first lady.”

She added that this comes as an affirmation of the role of Omani women in raising promising generations armed with the light of knowledge.

Another wrote, praising the appearance of the First Lady of Oman: “The venerable lady Ahed is proud of you.

While Ali al-Abri published a picture of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq and his wife, Sayyid Ahed, and commented on it, saying: “We see in you the prosperous future of Oman.”

And she wrote, tweet Basem Basma: “Behind every great man is a woman, my blood to Oman is the first lady of humanity. We are proud of you the nations for what your heart holds of the great humanity, your closeness to the Prime Time Zone and their meanings.

Punishment for anyone who encroaches on members of the ruling family

It is noteworthy that, coinciding with the promulgation of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq’s wife, Mrs. Ahed bint Abdullah Al Busaidia, the Omani’s talk re-accounted for “Insta Oman”, which is concerned with Omani affairs. Publication of the text of Article 25 of the country’s Press and Publications Law.

Issues prohibited from publishing in the Sultanate

The account mentioned what was stipulated in the Press and Publications Law, specifically in Chapter Four, on issues prohibited from publishing. It is what would harm the person of the Sultan or members of the royal family by hinting or expressing the word or image.

The article also stipulates that it is not permissible to incite against the ruling system in the Sultanate, to offend it, or to harm the public order. Or calling for the conversion or promotion of what contradicts the principles of the true Islamic religion.

In Article 35 of the same law, it stipulates that whoever violates the provisions of Article (25) of this law shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding three years. Or with a fine not exceeding “two thousand” Omani Rials, or with both penalties, without prejudice to any more severe penalty stipulated in any other law.

The venerable lady takes the lead

On Tuesday, many Omani tweeters and activists interacted in the Sultanate. Significantly, with the latest look of Mrs. Ahed Bint Abdullah Al Busaidia

On the occasion of this remarkable appearance, the tweeters launched a tag entitled “The Majestic Lady”. Which was issued in a short time in the list of the most popular hashtags in the Sultanate.

The official photos circulating of the look of Mrs. Ahed Al Busaidia, she showed her in a professionally coordinated green-colored clothes.

Activists praised the wife of Sultan Haitham and her permanent presence among the citizens, pointing to her outstanding beauty and at the same time the dignity and respect with which she appears as an honorable destination for the Sultanate.

Despite her little appearances, activists in the Sultanate always praise the views of Mrs. Ahed, the wife of the Sultan, and her active role in society, especially on the humanitarian side.

Sultan’s wife talked Omani on Teacher’s Day

In late February, the wife of the Omani Sultan, Haitham bin Tariq, directed Ahd Bint Abdullah Al Busaidiya. A congratulatory message to the Omani teacher, in memory of Teacher’s Day. Which corresponds to February 24 of each year, in the Sultanate.

The wife of the Sultan of Oman said in her message at the time, “Gratitude for knowledge and its Prime Time Zone is the goal of hope and the path to knowledge and progress for nations.”

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