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What is the story of the opposition, Adel Al-Badahi, who described King Mohammed VI as an oppressive sultan! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A message from Moroccan opposition journalist Adel Al-Baddahi to Moroccan King Mohammed VI ignited social networking sites. After containing severe accusations of the Moroccan king.

Attack on Mohamed VI

The pioneers of social networking sites shared a video clip recorded by “Watan”, of a Moroccan opposition figure, which he recorded before his arrest. By the Moroccan authorities, about a week ago, when Mohammed VI was attacked and accused of corruption.

Al-Baddahi said, according to the video: “I complain about my sadness and my illusion to God. I did not find strength to quarrel with you, so I decided to record this tape. As a testament to history. I told you the right word in your face. I told you you are an unjust and unjust Sultan.

Directing his speech to Mohammed VI, he added: “Our hunger has destroyed our future, you judge. You are the one who controls. We do not want parliamentary monarchy. “

Dungeon No. 20

And he continued: “I am not a Moroccan. I take away my sale from you, always and forever. I pray with all my heart to give us relief, O Muhammad VI, you wronged us enough.”

He continued: “You said that you cried our mothers and imprisoned the youth of Morocco and turned Morocco into cell No. 20, referring to the cell in which he was imprisoned.

Adel Al-Baddahi was arrested

It is worth noting that the Moroccan authorities arrested Adel Al-Baddahi about ten days ago, due to his opposition positions. From the Moroccan monarchy, according to activists on the communication sites.

Al-Badahi was arrested on the third of February of this month, in the Derb Gulef market in Casablanca.

Previous conviction

Badahi was previously convicted by the Casablanca Court of Appeal of three years in prison and a fine of 500,000 dirhams. In favor of the editor-in-chief of Al-Sabah newspaper, a ruling that was condemned by national and international human rights organizations and bodies.

And in the middle of last year, Adel Labdahi was released from a Moroccan prison after 3 years of detention, based on complaints. From the director of Al-Sabah newspaper and the Hassaniya Association of Judges.

Labdahi was released from Tiflet prison, where he was serving his sentence after being transferred to him as a punitive measure.

Baddah’s statements

“I feel like a stranger in my country, these Prime Time Zone have killed everything inside me,” said Badahi at the time, stressing that he would not give up. He will not retreat from being a fighter and a voice in the face of injustice.

Baddahi reiterated his innocence of all the charges for which he was convicted, and said: “I still cling to my innocence and I continue to challenge them to give evidence of my conviction in a fair trial.”

He added, “I have suffered a lot injustice, and I hold the king responsible for all the injustice that has befallen me and the injustice that the Moroccan Prime Time Zone are experiencing. And I ask him to come down from his ivory tower and open a dialogue with the Prime Time Zone.

He continued: “They are talking about development, and Shakeeb Benmoussa has been assigned to prepare a development model project, and what everyone should know is that there is no development without freedoms.”

Messages to the king and other destinations

He indicated that he had sent three letters before leaving prison, one of which was to the king renewing the removal of the pledge of allegiance and his demand for justice in the injustice he suffered. And another to the Court of Cassation. And the third to the delegate-general of the prison administration and reintegration regarding the abuses and attacks that the victim was inside the prison

And he continued: “I will continue to cling to my innocence and the struggle to declare it. Those who want to dissuade me must open one of three doors: the grave, the prison, or the border, to leave permanently.”

Appellate court

It is noteworthy that Adel Labdahi, who worked as a press reporter, was arrested on June 27, 2017, and the felonies court of the Casablanca Appeals Court issued its verdict on the fourth of December of the same year.

The court upheld the initial ruling issued against him of three years imprisonment in force and a fine of 500,000 dirhams for the editor-in-chief of Al-Sabah newspaper.

Murad Al-Kartoumi and Adel Lebdahi

Al-Baddahi’s arrest came after the arrest of Mourad Al-Kartoumi, who published several videos in which he accused judges and officials in the Moroccan state apparatus of corruption, in addition to the director of a national newspaper.

Al-Kartoumi confirmed, more than once, that he had evidence proving their involvement in drug-related offenses and crimes that took a dangerous nature.

Al-Baddahi was accompanying Kartoumi, who assumed responsibility for chairing the Casablanca branch of the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Fund.

System media attack

Al-Badahi and Al-Kartoumi were subjected to a media attack from press sites and outlets close to the Moroccan authority, after the latter mentioned the name and characteristics of suspected corruption, including judges, officials and media professionals.

It is noteworthy that Al-Badahi was the first to refer to the head of the Hadd Al-Salem group, Zain Al-Abidin Al-Hawas. He mentioned him by name and talked about documents proving violations that reach the level of crimes he committed.

This was before media sources reported that he had been arrested by the judicial police, and that 17 billion centimes had been seized from inside his home. In addition to 3 billion centimes, “the Moroccan currency”, in his bank account.

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