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A picture of the Qatari ambassador, Mohammed al-Emadi, sparked controversy on social media, which was said to have been hung in the streets of the Gaza Strip with the arrival of a prominent Qatari official to the Strip on Monday.

The photo showed two men in Bedouin dress hanging a picture of the ambassador, Al Emadi, with a “kiss” on it, in what was considered a welcome to the arrival of the Qatari ambassador.

Muhammad Al-Emadi’s photo in the streets of Gaza

According to Watan’s follow-up, it turned out that the image was an artwork of a citizen from Gaza who calls himself “Abu Tarikhem,” who produced a video clip in which he talks about the Qatari grant.

According to the video, the two Bedouin artists talk about the absence of Ambassador Muhammad Al-Emadi from the Gaza Strip, and then present a song welcoming his arrival to the Strip, and praising the Qatari support for the Strip.

At the end of the video, the Bedouin artists send a message of thanks to Qatar, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Ambassador Al Emadi for the efforts made to rebuild the Gaza Strip.

Al-Emadi meets with Hamas leadership

Yesterday, Monday, the head of the Qatari Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, Ambassador Mohammed Al-Emadi, affirmed that his country is making great efforts with all parties to ensure that the ceasefire is confirmed and that the round of escalation is not renewed.

Al-Emadi added, when meeting with Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Gaza, Qatar’s keenness to bring urgent humanitarian and relief aid to the residents of the Gaza Strip as soon as possible.

Al-Emadi discussed with the Hamas delegation the current political situation and developments in the Palestinian arena, expressing his hope for achieving stability after the recent round of escalation in the Palestinian territories recently.

He stressed Qatar’s standing next to the Palestinian Prime Time Zone, and the continuation of providing support to the Palestinians at all levels, the latest of which was the announcement by the Emir of the country to provide a financial grant of $500 million for the reconstruction of Gaza.

Al-Sinwar praises Qatar

For his part, Sinwar affirmed that Qatar’s generous and continuous support for the Palestinian Prime Time Zone is an affirmation of the depth of the relationship and the firmness of its position in support of the Palestinian cause.

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Sinwar reviewed the latest developments in the recent dialogues with the Egyptian side and other parties regarding reaching a truce agreement and lifting the siege on the residents of the Gaza Strip, and the dangerous repercussions of the continued tightening of the siege on the population.

He stressed the adherence of all national forces to the necessity of implementing the understandings, opening the crossings and providing the necessary facilities at all levels.

the poorest

For her part, Aziza al-Kahlout, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Social Development in Gaza, said that 100,000 of the poorest families benefit from the Qatari grant allocations, while 45,000 families are on waiting lists.

She added that these families are currently going through a difficult and dangerous stage, due to the delay in the grant funds on which they rely mainly to provide for their essential life needs.

Aziza Al-Kahlout rejected the Israeli excuses, and confirmed that Israel knows very well that she is lying, and that the grant money goes to those who deserve it from poor and fragile families.

The Ministry of Development in the Gaza Strip does not object to finding a new mechanism, provided that it ensures that the grant funds reach their beneficiaries in Gaza, according to Al-Kahlout.

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