What is the story of the “Trolley Driver” statue at the Hamad International Airport metro station | A nation is singing out of tune


Social networking sites in Qatar reacted angrily, with a gift from the Greek Republic to Doha by giving it a copy of the “Delphi Trolley Driver” statue, which was unveiled at the Hamad International Airport metro station in the Qatari capital, Doha.

The tweeters expressed on the communication sites their rejection of such a gift, demanding that such statues not be published in the country, for what they represent. From a pagan custom not welcome in the Qatari Islamic community.

No to statues in Qatar

The tweeters launched a tag entitled “No to statues in Qatar,” during which they tweeted dozens of tweets calling for the statue to be removed, and not to imitate neighboring countries in this context.

One of the tweeters said, commenting on the topic: “If the idea of ​​statues is for an aesthetic purpose – if we assume the idea is correct – then it is better for it to express the local environment. And when society says its word no to statues in Qatar ”

He also continued: “Because the fear is that Buddhist, Gaian, Roman, Hindu, Pharaonic and other gifts will proliferate, and our streets will be filled with the sisters of Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and the other third Manat.”

As for another tweeter, he commented denouncing this scene: “Who is excluded from worshiping idols again in the Arabian Peninsula, about which our honorable Messenger warned us”

He also continued, explaining: “Let him witness some manifestations of polytheism, such as clinging to horoscopes and fortune tellers to know the unseen. And take stones that bring positive energy. And the reverence of Muslim peoples for their dead and living rulers, and their taking as gods instead of God!

An activist wrote: “If the statues represented the urban renaissance of nations and civilizations, they would have preserved the empire of Rome or saved a Prime Time Zone. Our Master Noah, peace be upon him, from the flood.

Adding: “But they are nothing but statues that do not benefit or harm, but unfortunately there are those who glorify their presence. ((And whoever is the darkest of gold is created as my creatures)). Bukhari and Muslim)

Another tweet did not differ from those who preceded him when he said: “Since I am the owner of a great affliction, I am well-known to God from alcohol, prostitution and discos. Hotels, corruption, bisexual, and imitating women and men.

He continued: “That is why we did not see rain, diseases and corona spread. We were mourning the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and the wear and tear on us is seen in a grave and in the Hereafter. And the account of Qayyum’s revelation.

As Mughrd wrote: “In the best of centuries, the time of the Companions, and the situation was safe, the return of idolatry is very unlikely, and the return of ignorance is more. After our time, however, the Companions continued to demolish idols and break idols, taking the commandment of the Messenger. . Is our time better than theirs? Are we devout more than their piety?

Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani

Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Qatar Museums, thanked the Republic of Greece after gifting it to Qatar. A copy of the Delphi Chariot statue.

It was unveiled at the Hamad International Airport metro station.

Al-Mayassa wrote in a tweet on her official Twitter account: “We thank the Republic of Greece for presenting the State of Qatar with a copy of the statue of a chariot driver from Delphi.”

She also continued: “Which is one of the most famous surviving statues of the ancient Greek civilization, which was unveiled at the Hamad International Airport metro station in the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Lina Mendione, the Greek Minister of Culture.”

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