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What is the truth about the player “Rodwiguez” turned into a woman and was absent from the Colombia national team ?! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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She raised an image of activists on social media, which was widely circulated through the “WhatsApp” application in England.

A wave of ridicule and anger. Among the fans and fans of English football. As well as the Everton team, which plays in the ranks of the player “James Rodriguez”.

A common convert to a woman

After a rumor spread against the 29-year-old Everton star, James Rodriguez. Who plays winger and playmakers on the team.

It also stated that the player’s absence from the World Cup qualifiers for his country, Colombia. Which is scheduled to be held in 2022 AD. Within the State of Qatar. He takes hormonal drugs to turn into a woman.

the truth

As well as the fact of the matter and the absence of the former Real Madrid and Bayern Munich star. And the current star with the Everton team, “El Toviz”, the English-Colombian “Rodriguez”. In the past recent weeks.

Because of the injury he suffered in a match with the former Premier League champions Liverpool, “The Reds”, on the 20th of February.

Real Madrid got rid of the player

And press reports circulated. That the reason “royal” Real Madrid got rid of the player is due to this matter. Which causes him weakness in the body.

And thus the large number of injuries to the player. And his move to the ranks of the German league leaders “Bayern Munich” Bavarian. And holder of the Club World Cup title. It also occupied the former champion of the 2019-2020 European Champions League.

Undergo surgery

And back to activists’ messages on social media. And the rumor that took a wide resonance through the application of “WhatsApp”.

And I also talked about that the Colombian player “Rodriguez”. He decided to undergo surgery in the coming weeks to permanently transform into a woman and never play football again.

Cynicism in the media

These messages were also received by anonymous activists in England. Mockery through some of the English media that circulated the news.

Besides, activists trade on popular social media platforms. He also used and manipulated dubbed photos of the player “Rodriguez”. To look like a woman.

While some spoke as just a heavy joke in order to break the state of boredom among the fans as a result of the player’s suspension and absence from international participation with his country, Colombia.

Prompt to be deleted

He also called many activists in the state of England to consider this an insulting image against the player “Rodriguez”, demanding not to circulate it, as it was published on social media platforms. And delete it. Even if it’s just a joke.

English Premier League scorers

The Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah also occupies the ranks of the English Liverpool team. Top scorer in the league with 17 goals. Equal to Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane. As during the Premier League competitions for this season 2020-2021. Who ranks second.

And as a single goal difference. The Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, comes third, with 16 goals.

While the English star, “Dominic Calvert Lewin,” the player in the Everton team, came third with 14 goals. A goal difference from Tottenham Hotspur striker Hyung-Min Son, who is presenting the new performance with the English team, “The Spurs”.

Premier League standings

The Man City team also tops the Premier League standings with 71 points, while the English German team comes second with 57 points. Also, two points difference. Leicester City is in third place with 56 points.

The rise of Chelsea and Tottenham

In fourth place, Chelsea are with 51 points, while West Ham United is in fifth place with 49 points. Tottenham also came in sixth place with 48 points in the Premier League table.

Liverpool fell into the league standings

While it is two points behind the former defending champion Liverpool Liverpool, who is ranked sixth. Equally with the Everton team, with the same points in seventh place in the Premier League table.

The Everton team ranks eighth with 46 points, equal with Liverpool, in the ninth place, the Arsenal team, with 42 points.

Also in tenth place in the standings came Aston Villa with 41 points. One point ahead of Arsenal. Within the English Premier League competitions.

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