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Who is Prince Al-Hassan bin Talal, whose mediation succeeded in ending Prince Hamzah’s crisis ?! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The name of the Jordanian Prince, Al-Hassan bin Talal, rose again during the past few hours, following the success of his mediation to end the political crisis. Which struck the ruling Hashemite family in Jordan.

Mediation start

This crisis came as a result of accusations against Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein, the former crown prince, of being involved in a plot. It aims to destabilize the country.

Last Sunday, Jordan announced that it had thwarted a plot to destabilize the security of the country, confirming the involvement of Prince Hamzah and the former head of the royal court. Basem Awad Allah, and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid in this plot

Who is Prince Hassan?

Al-Hassan bin Talal bin Abdullah the First is the brother of the former King Hussein bin Talal, the uncle of King Abdullah II, and the Crown Prince of Jordan. For 30 years.

Prince El-Hassan was born on March 20, 1947, and received his initial education in the Jordanian capital, Amman, and then moved to Britain.

Prince El Hassan also attended Summerfields and Harrow Schools. Before completing his university education at the prestigious Oxford University. He holds a BA and MA in Oriental Studies.

Prince Hassan married in 1968 to Mrs. Tharwat Muhammad Ikramullah, the youngest daughter of Pakistan’s first foreign minister. Muhammad honoring God.

After marrying him, she was called Princess Tharwat, and they had three daughters and one son.

The decision to appoint him Crown Prince

Prince Hassan was appointed Crown Prince in Jordan by decision of his late brother King Hussein in April 1965. He was 18 years old at the time.

During the tenure of the crown prince, Prince Hassan bin Talal represented Jordan on many international occasions and events.

Also, on January 25, 1999, the late King Hussein bin Talal removed his brother, Hassan, from the mandate of the Covenant, to be replaced by the current king. Abdullah II bin Al Hussein.

His writings

In addition to his political activities, Prince Hassan has a number of diverse books; Including “Jerusalem, a legal study, the right of the Palestinians.” To self ”.

His books include: “Being a Muslim, The Iraqi Question, in Memory of the Departure of Faisal the First, Sean and Jim: Contemporary Issues”.

Prince Hussein is also the recipient of many international honors and awards, including the Distinguished External Visitor Award from the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. In Boston, April 2002.

He is also the recipient of the 2005 Eternal Flame Award from the Annual Conference of United States Scholars, and the Abraham Fund Prize. Pioneering Coexistence in New York State in 2004.

Successful mediation

In an effort to solve the crisis, the Jordanian Royal Court announced that King Abdullah II has entrusted the issue of dealing with the issue of Prince Hamzah. To his uncle Prince El Hassan bin Talal.

Prince El Hassan announced that Prince Hamzah was committed to the path of the Hashemite family.

Hours later, the royal court published a statement signed by Prince Hamzah, which considered an end to the crisis that had met with widespread interaction inside and outside Jordan.

“In light of the developments of the past two days, I place myself in the hands of His Majesty,” Hamzah said in the statement. That I will remain in the era of fathers and grandfathers. True to their legacy. ”

He also continued: “I will continue to follow their path. Loyal to their march and message and to His Majesty the King. And committed to the constitution of the dear Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. And I will always be of His Majesty the King and his Crown Prince a help and support. ”

Prince Hamzah expels the Chief of Staff

A new audio recording of the dialogue that took place between Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein and the Chairman of the Jordanian Joint Chiefs of Staff, Yusef Al-Huneiti, was widespread. It contained a severe rebuke from the Prince to Al-Huneiti after informing the latter of restrictive decisions.

In the recording, “Al-Hunaiti” is heard asking Prince Hamzah not to go to the tribes, to mix with Prime Time Zone, to commit to family visits to the Hashemite family, and not to tweet via Twitter.

“Jeep the Pasha”

Prince Hamzah also refused the chief of staff’s instructions, and interrupted him, asking his guards to bring his vehicle. Referring to kick him out of the house.

As Prince Hamzah told the Chief of Staff: “Take the Basha car … you are interfering with me and telling me what should I do?” Wondering: Jay threatens me in my house ?? What is this talk? What did he see and did not get mixed up? !! ”.

“Get in your car and walk out of the house.”

Prince Hamzah continued: “So, do you and the security services threaten me? Poor administration of the state because of me? And what will happen to me? ” Sir, get in your car and get out of the house .. Excuse me, I respect you and I respect the institution. ”

The Chief of Staff is also heard asking Prince Hamzah not to raise his voice, so that the latter responds: “What do you raise your voice … do you know what words you are telling me?”

Al-Huneiti said that he conveyed his letter and that of the Director of Intelligence and the Director of Public Security to abide by the instructions, mixing, visits and tweets.

Prince Hamzah: I am free, the son of my father.

The prince replied: “I am a free Jordanian, son of my father. I have the right to mix with my Prime Time Zone and serve my country as I swore to my father while he was on his deathbed.”

He also added, directing a conversation to “Al-Haniti”: “Where were you twenty years ago? I was the crown prince of this country, and I swore to my father that I would serve my country and my Prime Time Zone as long as I lived. And now, after the appointment, which is seen, it isn’t because of me, you come to tell you, commit? ”

As Al-Huneiti told the emir, you crossed the red lines. Let the prince answer him: Trust in God. Get in your car and a soul. And the next time you don’t come threatens me in my house. ”

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